Book Excerpt – Shattered 2

Shattered 2 Chapter 4 Excerpt (Therapy Session with Dr. Scott) “Yeah, well, Cam is the only person who has been consistent.” “Consistent in what, exactly?” “Everything,” I state. “Without her, I don’t think I would have survived.” “Girl, Cam isn’t a resolution to your problem, she’s residue and I don’t mean the kind that remindsContinue reading “Book Excerpt – Shattered 2”

Shattered: Cam vs. Camille

Camille has spent the last 18 years fighting herself. A tragic event changed who she was and from that point forward it became Cam vs. Camille. Cam is the woman who gets what she wants, doesn’t think she’s hurting anybody, put together, no nonsense and unapologetic. If she hurts you, you’ll apologize before her. SheContinue reading “Shattered: Cam vs. Camille”

New Book Alert – Shattered 2 The humiliation and guilt of so many bad decisions; created more dark days and nights of tears and shattered conditions. The shattered remnants of Camille’s life are so entangled in her soul, that no matter how much she tries to release them, they are hard to let go. After experiencing tragedy, pain and loss;Continue reading “New Book Alert – Shattered 2”

#BookExcerpt – 2:32 AM: Losing Faith in God

Get it here –>2:32 AM: Losing Faith in God Charlotte’s Therapy Session “How have you been since our last meeting?” “In all honesty Dr. Mitchell, I don’t know how I am. One minute I think I am doing good and the next I’m crying uncontrollably.” “That is to be expected Charlotte. You suffered a majorContinue reading “#BookExcerpt – 2:32 AM: Losing Faith in God”

Excerpt from Shattered 2

“Camille, I am not your enemy and I know this is out of your comfort zone and may even be an unorthodox way of doing therapy but sometimes, you have to think outside of normalcy to see change. This place, I call Sobriety House, is a safe haven for women, just like you, who areContinue reading “Excerpt from Shattered 2”