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I released a new book 🍾🥳🤗

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What’s it called?

TENSE — The Past | The Present | The Future

What’s it about? 👇🏽

For these friends, the past year holds memories, some they’d like to forget instead and others they’ll always remember.

They’ve experienced all kinds of things but with each other, their families, prayer, and God; they’ve made it through 2019, to the month of December.

But not every relationship salvaged will make it to the future.

In this Holiday Short Story, Special Edition of When the Vows Break, you’ll get to peek into the lives of these friends and see how they’re spending their Christmas holiday. Will the past they’ve endured affect their present, attempting to shatter their future? Or has the past given them instruction to treasure the present while preparing for the future? You’ll have to read to find out.

It’s more than just writing, it’s ministry. ❤️

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Excerpt … Shattered

Shattered available now on Amazon

“I do want this marriage, why else would I still be here?”

“To annoy me,” I shrug then laugh. “Maybe this is karma for everything I’ve done, to you or it’s God’s way of punishing me for breaking my vows. Either way, I can’t keep doing this. When I get back from Miami, I’m going to find somewhere else to stay and file for divorce. Now, get out,” I say walking over to open the door.

He grabs my arm, turning me to face him and closes the door. “I’m not going anywhere and you’re going to listen to me, for once.”

“I don’t—”

“Damn it, Camille.” The sound of his voice causes me to jump. “I’m sorry for yelling but I’ve put up with so much of your crap and never once did I say divorce. The nights, no the mornings you’d come in from doing God knows what, I was right here. When you threw in my face, your cheating, I still gave you chance after chance. The night you overdosed—”


“No,” he says pushing me back against the wall. “The night you overdosed, I gave you the option to stay and get help, but you left, and we all know how that worked out. You, laying in the hospital for seven days and I was right there, watching you fight for your life.

Camille, I’ve always been here, for you, even when I should have put your ass out and now, the first time I mess up, you want to leave me. Well, you can’t because you owe me more than that.”

I snatch my arm away from him. “I don’t owe you anything.”

“Like hell! You owe me the same freaking thing I keep giving you and that’s a chance. Camille, I made a huge mistake but why is my sin costing more than all the ones you’ve committed? Why should I have to pay, with our marriage when you almost paid with your life and yet, I’m right here? Am I not worth, fighting for?”

I slide down to the floor.

“You don’t get to decide that we’re over. You have to fight for me, at least once because I deserve it and damn it, you’re going to do it.”

Shattered available now on Amazon

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A Secret Worth Keeping – Book Release

I am so excited about this journey of being an author! Is it hard work, yes but I’ve come to realize that no one can work harder for me than I can. So, everyday I work harder and harder to get my name out there, to get my books into new hands and into more stores. Every day is a new one with new opportunities, so I push! However, I am so grateful for the folks who God has surrounded me with. Those who encourage, those who offer to help, those who purchase my books, those who ask their friends and family to purchase my books and those who never hesitate to be there for me. It is because of people like you that I am able to do what I love!

I have a book release party coming up and I must thank those who have agreed to be a sponsor. I am still waiting on a few more responses and I am hopeful that they will be a yes also.

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