Book Excerpt – Shattered 2

Shattered 2 Chapter 4 Excerpt (Therapy Session with Dr. Scott) “Yeah, well, Cam is the only person who has been consistent.” “Consistent in what, exactly?” “Everything,” I state. “Without her, I don’t think I would have survived.” “Girl, Cam isn’t a resolution to your problem, she’s residue and I don’t mean the kind that remindsContinue reading “Book Excerpt – Shattered 2”

Cover Reveal

The humiliation and guilt of so many bad decisions; created more dark days and nights of tears and shattered conditions. The shattered remnants of Camille’s life are so entangled in her soul, that no matter how much she tries to release them, they are hard to let go. After experiencing tragedy, pain and loss; sheContinue reading “Cover Reveal”