#BookExcerpt – 2:32 AM: Losing Faith in God

Get it here –>2:32 AM: Losing Faith in God Charlotte’s Therapy Session “How have you been since our last meeting?” “In all honesty Dr. Mitchell, I don’t know how I am. One minute I think I am doing good and the next I’m crying uncontrollably.” “That is to be expected Charlotte. You suffered a majorContinue reading “#BookExcerpt – 2:32 AM: Losing Faith in God”

A Compilation of Christian Stories

New Book … well, sort of. If you’ve never taken the time or had the opportunity to read any of my books, you’re in for a treat. I’ve placed 4 of my best selling #ChristianFiction novels into ONE book! Dear God 2:32AM Chased And my newest release Broken. A great read for book clubs, vacations, long carContinue reading “A Compilation of Christian Stories”

New Book Alert – 2:32AM

BUY HERE The bible tells you how to fight the enemy but what do you do when it feels like it is God you’re up against? Charlotte’s nightmare began at 2:32AM, the morning she experienced the most unimaginable pain ever, the loss of a child. Now, she finds herself angry at God. She trusted HimContinue reading “New Book Alert – 2:32AM”