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If you’ve been following me, on social media, then you may know that I have completed the series When the Vows Break.

This series is a rewrite of my first, original series, A Secret Worth Keeping. Yes, the characters are the same but the story line is totally different. I’ll tell you how.

When the Vows Break 1: Broken hearts, promises and trust.


Dearly beloved, that’s how it begins, what God has joined together, let no man put asunder; that’s how it ends.
Happily married, wedded bliss and with these rings, we do take; but what happens to happily ever after, when the vows break?

Shelby, Raylan, Chloe, Lynesha, Kerri and Camille have been friends since freshmen year of high school. They’ve been together through college, failed relationships, deaths and sickness. They’ve watched each other grow and become business leaders and owners, wives and mothers.

They’ve survived when most people say, women can’t be friends.

Then, all hell breaks loose in each of their marriages.

Secrets, lying, cheating, drugs, alcohol, and temptations prove that not everything is what it seems.

Will the chaos of it all be more than they can take? Find out in part 1 of When the Vows Break

When the Vows Break 1 $1 Ebook, Kindle Unlimited, $16 Paperback

When the Vows Break 2: Pain and Forgiveness


When the Vows Break, tears will surely fall, but will the marriages and friendships survive the damage of it all?

All hell broke loose, and it has unleashed damage and chaos, in the lives of these six friends. For Shelby, Ray, Kerri, Chloe, Lyn, and Cam; the storm clouds are rolling in and there doesn’t seem to be an end. For some of them, they’ll find their way back to God but others, inner turmoil will push them further away.

More secrets, more lying, more cheating, and more temptations still prove that not everything is what it seems.

Will they be able to get through the pain and make their way to forgiveness or will it be more than they can take? Find out in part 2 of When the Vows Break.

When the Vows Break 2 $2 Ebook, Kindle Unlimited, $16 Paperback

When the Vows Break 3: Recovery and Restoration

ebook_WTVB3After the broken hearts, crushed promises and shattered trust caused by sin and fleshly lust;
Came pain, forgiveness and the chance to start over but is it too late for some to recover?

The Bible says in 1 Peter 4:12-13, “Beloved, do not think it strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened to you; but rejoice to the extent that you partake of Christ’s sufferings, that when His glory is revealed, you may also be glad with exceeding joy.” But how can you hold on when it seems everything is fighting against, what you’re praying for?

These six friends have endured a lot and it doesn’t seem like an end is in sight. With more storms and broken hearts, more shattered trust and crushed promises; some are on the verge of giving it all up.

Will they hold on, long enough, to go through God’s process of recovery and restoration or will it be more than they can take? Find out in the finale of When the Vows Break?

When the Vows Break 3 $3 Ebook, Kindle Unlimited, $16 Paperback

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Dear sister,

Dear sister,


I apologize for being the bearer of this gut wrenching news but …. You cannot be mad at ALL men simply because you’ve made the mistake of choosing ALL the wrong ones. In other words, stop making all men pay for the mistakes of a mistake.

Here’s the part that may hurt, even more … take some time to heal! You can’t do this running from relationship to relationship. Find YOU, love YOU and believe in YOU first before you give yourself to anybody, other than God. This means, you may have to spend some time by yourself and be okay with it.

Take yourself out – if you can’t spend time with self, you definitely can’t spend time with somebody else.

Boost your own confidence – If you don’t believe in you, how can you convince somebody else?

Love you – If you don’t know how to love you, how will you know when someone else does?

Not all men are bad and the one meant for you, will find you when you stop sabotaging you.

A concerned sister who wants you to be happy.




Gwen was left broken and never dealt with the issues, so when heartbreak reared it’s ugly head, she almost didn’t survive.


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