New Year Giveaway — Day 2

Church folk can be so messy, always in your business with their ole loose lips. Who were the two ladies Chance was warned against? You know the two that’ll spread your business faster than a moving ship?

Email your answer to by Midnight tonight 12/31/2020. Winners will be announced 1/1/2021 via Facebook Live.

Prizes are:

• A sweets & treat box from The Bubble Bistro (all natural body butters, soaps, oils, etc.)

A Fruit Loop Candle Box from Rucker Candles

• Books (by me, of course)

Gift Cards

For an extra entry, email proof of purchase or your review of Another Chance to the email above.

Good luck,

Lakisha 💚

Will you have the time?

I thought I'd share this again because it's needed. Even with the goals you've accomplished, the businesses started, the proposals, weddings, pregnancy announcements, births, etc.; 2020 has still been a hard year. So, allow me to remind you to take the time.

She had the house, the finest car and the custom-made clothes. She was top in her graduating class and her business was booming. She vowed to never go back to the place she was raised because it had nothing for her. Sure, she sent money home to her parents, but all the siblings had to know it. Sure, she made the occasional calls, but it was to brag never to ask about them. When her mom got sick, she sent flowers. When her sister was losing her house, she sent a check with conditions. She never made time for anybody or anything unless it benefited her, even God. Yes, she joined a church but not to serve, she liked the honorable mentions of being the biggest tithe payer.

But then a stroke knocked, and it crippled her.

The people at the church, they didn’t show up. Her employees, they didn’t come but her family did. The same parents she hollered at whenever they asked her to come home. The same brother she “didn’t fool with” because of prior drug use, he was there. The sister she called a slut for having two babies out of wedlock, she was there. They wiped the mouth that had been so foul. They helped her learn to walk again even though she used to walk all over them. They helped with speech therapy, although she never had anything good to say.

One night as she lay in the bedroom she grew up in, trying to find strength to make her left arm move, she cried. Not because of the stroke but because of the space she’d allowed to grow between her and her family. She wanted to hug them, but it was hard to do now. So, she cried realizing the money she made didn’t mean nothing because all they wanted was her. She cried because the bragging she did couldn’t bless her, the hating couldn’t heal her, and the fancy stuff couldn’t free her. And now, the Bible she never read lay stretched open on her nightstand and the God she’d forsaken, she now prayed to; thanking Him for the chance to make things right.

She had time because this story isn’t real but what about you? Do you have the time to forgive and make things right before your clock runs out? Will you have the time to say, “I forgive you,” “I love you,” “I’m sorry” or will your ego keep you from evolving and your pride keep you from offering peace? Will you have the time before 2020 closes? Will you have the time to make it right before you’re weeping at a casket, holding a body that can’t speak back?

“Yet you do not know what tomorrow will bring. What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes.” - James 4:14

Holli-day Love by Author Saundra

Do you love holiday books + love stories? Then you need to check out the newest book by Author Saundra.

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After calling off her wedding days before Christmas, Holli Frazier is certain the Holidays will never be the same. With a broken heart she packs her bags, and drive across state to Arizona hoping for a change. Vowing off love she throws her all into her new position as an Assistant Principal.

Then Ayden Hill strolls into her office to retrieve his daughter. Determined to guard her heart Holli accepts Ayden invitation for a date. But with the Holidays quickly coming back around and old acquittances appearing. Matters of the heart become tangled by a ball of confusion.

Read a sample of Holli-Day Love at Christmas Now!

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I’m not crazy, I’m depressed!

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Imagine waking up one day different. You can’t explain it, but something just isn’t right. One minute you’re happy and the next sad. One moment you’re loving and the next angry. The voices you hear, the different moods you experience and the sad looks in people’s eyes makes you wonder if you’re losing your mind.

In this book, we begin a conversation to peel back the layers of postpartum depression, in the home and in the church. Although this is a work of fiction, every day somebody is dealing with the effects of mental illness and depression. In the church they tell you to pray and fast more. In the world, people say you’ll be okay, but how do they know.

Read Savannah’s story to see if she finally admits to needing help or will she continually hide from fear of herself, judgment or ridicule.

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New in Christian Fiction

Another Chance

Dumped, humiliated & broken … is there Another Chance at love?

“I’m trying God, but I need your help. Tell me what you’d have me to do in relation to my life and relationship. I know I’ve made a lot of mistakes, now I’m taking my hand off and waiting until you send my husband. Oh, can you make sure his heart is in you, he’s sexy with all his teeth, financially and mentally stable and loves to laugh. Please and amen.” — Chance

Anybody else been this specific with God or just her? 🤣

Another Chance, now available!