#DailyDevotional — Asking for a friend

There is so much suicide, division, divorce, severed relationships, hurt and pain. There are strongholds gripping families like never before. Demonic spirits are smothering the sanctity of worship places. Mental illness is on the rise and it is taking over generations. And for the sake of “keeping quiet,” we are losing. There are ministry leaders on the verge of suicide, wives at their breaking point, husbands who feel as if they are drowning, daughters who are using sex and sons who use drugs and guns as an escape. There are people in pain and we can no longer sugar coat the situation.

It is time we move away from the patty cake preaching and offer the meat of God’s word. Too many Christians are dying due to being malnourished because the church is still feeding milk when their body needs meat. Even a baby gets solid food at six months yet here we are, at age 50 and barely functioning. Yes, milk is good but the protein from meat is important for building bones and muscles, repairing tissues and strengthening the blood. This is why the bible says in Hebrews 5:13-14, “For someone who lives on milk is still an infant and doesn’t know how to do what is right. Solid food is for those who are mature, who through training have the skill to recognize the difference between right and wrong.”

Please understand, we have a responsibility to seek God, study and learn for ourselves but what happens when I need to be around folk who are going through what I am or when I need to be in the midst of folk who have been in my shoes without being judged? Where can I go and get help instead of being hated on because my dress looks better than hers? Where can he go and get delivered instead of being talked about because he looks feminine? Where can families go and worship without folk prying into their business? Where can she go and get help instead of being labeled a church hopper?

Beloved, I don’t know about you but I am sick of going to into a place of worship to be healed yet all I hear is “will a man rob God?” I am tired of seeing posts after posts about another person killing themselves because everybody posted “Praying for you,” but nobody actually did. I am tired of hearing the typical scriptures with a different title but same inadequate message. When will we reach that young person whose whole life is social media by way of social media? When will we get out of traditions and into scriptures? When will we stop catering to flesh and start consecrating the spirit? I’m asking for a friend!

Devotional Nugget – When you’re looking at nothing

“I am commanding the nothing into something!! I have a builder’s anointing and it’s going to turn out like God said.” — This is my declaration to God and I thought I’d share it with somebody who needs reminding (like me).

I don’t know what God has told you to do but trust Him. I don’t know what He’s told you to build but trust Him. I don’t know what He told you to plant but trust Him. I don’t know where He told you to move but trust Him.

Sometimes we can get discouraged looking at the nothing while hearing God telling us to step out but trust Him.

The plan, place, people, provisions, protection, AND God’s promise will show up but you’ve got to do the work. Yes, it’s hard and a lot but it’s going to pay off.


“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was formless and empty, and darkness covered the deep waters. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the surface of the waters. Then God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.” — Genesis‬ ‭1‬:‭1‬-‭3‬ ‭NLT‬‬

My Faith is in God!


Whoever you are, the devil is a liar.

That sickness or disease, won’t kill you. You’ll live, even with the scars, but you’ve got to believe it.

That grief, won’t always be like this. You’ll smile again without your heart hurting so bad, but I need you to breathe.

This dark place you’re in, it’ll end and you’ll find the light again. However, there are things you’re going to lose in the darkness, but it won’t be you.

Those suicidal thoughts, can’t be your end. Sit up, inhale then exhale. Open your eyes, even with the tears flowing. Do you see that? That? That’s another chance. Take it. Call the therapist. Talk to somebody. Get the help you need for depression. Stop staying in a place that’s speaking negatively to you and your mind. You aren’t a failure. Starting over is okay. We need you.

That disappointment, the mistake, the thing that’s making you feel like a loser. Sit in it, but only for a moment to learn the lesson. Now, get up, hold your head up and get to work. This time use what you learned to do better.

I don’t know what you’re facing at this moment, but speak to it. Speak by the authority given to you by God and come out! You can survive this.

Here’s a prayer from a devotional I read. Pray it.

Lord, I am renewing my mind to the promises of protection You’ve provided. My trust is in You, and I have more faith in Your Word than what I may see with my natural eyes. In the name of Jesus. Amen

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!! From my heart to yours. I pray this Christmas just hits differently for you and your family.

What do I mean? I mean, let this Christmas be the best one yet.

And I’ll answer … By remembering Jesus.

Despite what may have or haven’t happened. Despite what you may have gone through. Regardless of what you could or couldn’t buy, say or do. Enjoy this Christmas. Someone may be asking, how can I do that when loved ones are gone, bills are due, sickness in my body, I’m alone, … (the dots represent all the things you could list).

See, when you take a moment and remember Jesus maybe the worry and anxiety over the number of presents will disappear and you’ll enjoy the presence of those around you (or the memories of those no longer here). Maybe, if you remember Jesus, this holiday and each one after can be about making memories instead of mess. What if we remembered Jesus and simply celebrated His mother’s sacrifice and His birth with family and friends instead of worrying?

Because His birth was more than Christmas trees and presents. It gave us a deliverance we desperately needed. It repaired our relationship with God, freed us from the bondage of sin, took the stain sin would leave, and gave us free access to God. Jesus’ birth was to deliver us from us. This is why and what we celebrate.

So, today, enjoy the merry of Christmas. Everything else can wait.

Pray then go to sleep

Tonight, I’m praying for …

The mother whose tears won’t stop because you feel as though you’re letting your kids and yourself down. The father whose blood pressure is high because he’s worried about taking care of his family. The daughter who’s being molested and feeling as though she has no one to tell. The son who’s failing college because he’s hiding the mental illness that keeps him up most nights.

I’m praying for … the sister who’s trying to keep the family together after momma passed. The brother whose one more overdose away from dying, but can’t find the strength to release it. The cousin whose fighting an eviction with nowhere to go. The pastor who’s trying everything to keep the church doors open. The family who’s grieving an unexpected death. The one sitting by a loved one bedside. The one who’s afraid to go to sleep because of the nightmare your mind keeps replaying. The incarcerated family member that’s missing another holiday. Those searching for a missing family member. The frontline worker who has to continually witness the aftermath of evil and can’t turn off the images. I’m praying.

While I pray, I need you to rest in God, trusting Him as Abba. A Father who will leave you. Yes, I know it’s hard and it hurts. I know you’re scared. I know you feel alone. I know you don’t understand. I know you’ve been abandoned before. I know you’re traumatized by the hurt and abuse of people. I know you don’t trust. I know you’re used to figuring it out on your own. But tonight, pray, “God, I need you. Come into my heart and take control because I can no longer do this without you. I repent of my sins as I put my faith in you. Lead me in the right direction and let me see you in a way I never have before. Amen.”

Now, go to sleep.


Another Tuesday

Here it is, another Tuesday, in another month, almost at the end of another year and somebody is still tarrying at the table of the tempter. Yeah, you’re being troubled by temptation, yet you will not trust the one on the throne. The toil of tomorrow is already terrifying you because you will not use your tongue to trample against your tormentors. You’re being tortured by your transgressions and you feel trapped.

What now beloved? What are you going to do?

Are you going to die there or will you choose to live? Will you drown where you are or will you come up for air, one more time? Are you willing to give up or will you try again? I’m only asking because while giving up is an option, it shouldn’t be your option. Sure, the enemy is picking on you and your family, folk on the job acting crazy, your spouse is sick, children trying your patience, your car is costing more than it’s worth and on top of that, your sinuses and migraines have come back with a vengeance, dog keeps running off, your lashes won’t stay put, lace front coming up on your wig and your heel just broke on your shoe.

What more Lord?

Here’s what you do. Cry. Yes, just go on and cry because research says crying is good for the soul. South China’s Morning Post says, “Crying is known to have a soothing effect and ‘emotional tears’ can even help rid our bodies of stress hormones. When we cry, our heart rate and breathing slow down a little and we start to calm down. We might even experience a mood boost after a good cry. Crying is useful for helping people release and express their suppressed or repressed emotions.”

Beloved, sometimes you have to cry through your crisis. Because this may be your season of planting and it can very well be the hardest of your life. OR this could be your season of storms and it, too, can be the most pain you’ve ever felt.


Even if you have to cry while you plant, weather the storm, or deal with the pain. DON’T YOU DARE GIVE UP! Why? The Bible tells me, in Psalm 126:5-6, “Those who plant in tears will harvest with shouts of joy. They weep as they go to plant their seed, but they sing as they return with the harvest.”

Go on and cry, it’ll do you some good.