Shattered: Cam vs. Camille

Camille has spent the last 18 years fighting herself. A tragic event changed who she was and from that point forward it became Cam vs. Camille. Cam is the woman who gets what she wants, doesn’t think she’s hurting anybody, put together, no nonsense and unapologetic. If she hurts you, you’ll apologize before her. SheContinue reading “Shattered: Cam vs. Camille”

First Chapter Peek of Ms. Nice Nasty 2

“What the fuck!” Thomas yells as the bullet passes his head and lodges into the door. “You crazy bitch!” I scream, running towards Jyema. “Stop before I shoot at your ass too.” “And then what, Jyema? What is your endgame?” When she doesn’t answer, I continue. “You haven’t thought that far, have you?” I laugh.Continue reading “First Chapter Peek of Ms. Nice Nasty 2”

Freaky Friday Excerpt …. Ms. Nice Nasty 2

Click HERE“Hey, you still up?” I ask when he answers the phone. “Yes. What’s up?” “Can I get a quickie?” “Where are you?” “Outside.” He walks out and my mouth is watering. I pop the locks on the doors as I motion for him to join me in the back seat. He stops and wavesContinue reading “Freaky Friday Excerpt …. Ms. Nice Nasty 2”

Looking for a series to occupy your time?

Looking for a series to occupy your time? I’ve got you covered! Ms. Nice Nasty is complete series that you should definitely read because it is a great series. It deals with real life situations, death, suicides, love and losing some things. Camille thought she had it all together but life determined, that’s a lie!Continue reading “Looking for a series to occupy your time?”

Full Series – Ms. Nice Nasty

Ms. Nice Nasty is the one series that you should definitely read! Yep! Please note, I am not saying this because I wrote it (maybe I am) but I am saying this because it is a great series. Download, read it and see for yourself. Then once you are hooked on Cam, leave a reviewContinue reading “Full Series – Ms. Nice Nasty”