2:32 AM – Book Excerpt

The bible tells you how to fight the enemy but what do you do when it feels like it is God you’re up against? Charlotte’s nightmare began at 2:32 AM, the morning she experienced the most unimaginable pain ever, the loss of a child. Now, she finds herself angry at God. She trusted Him andContinue reading “2:32 AM – Book Excerpt”

#BookExcerpt – 2:32 AM: Losing Faith in God

Get it here –>2:32 AM: Losing Faith in God Charlotte’s Therapy Session “How have you been since our last meeting?” “In all honesty Dr. Mitchell, I don’t know how I am. One minute I think I am doing good and the next I’m crying uncontrollably.” “That is to be expected Charlotte. You suffered a majorContinue reading “#BookExcerpt – 2:32 AM: Losing Faith in God”