What is your story? – This is mine!

I shared this on my devotional site this morning (Kisha’s Daily Devotional) and I thought it was worth sharing here.

I asked the question, “What’s your story?”

For me, I am a preacher of God’s word who writes about sex and I love God with every fiber of my being. I’m from a single parent home although my dad lives in the same city. 12188522_10208202549200191_1645198264_nI am a product of a huge family, raised in the heart of North Memphis and I’m a twin.I’m saved by the blood of the lamb but I still cuss, sometimes, (especially when I’m upset). I have tattoos and would probably get a few more if my father-in-love hadn’t threatened me. I stay up late, I like to read and if you don’t know, I absolutely love shoes! I have a passion for God and the church yet I don’t know what His purpose for me is yet. (That’s my struggle). I also struggle at home to raise two teenagers who think they have the world figured out yet they can’t survive on their own. This year my husband and I will celebrate 18 years of marriage and we’ve yet to have a proper honeymoon. I love my family but just like you, we have our issues but I’ll love and pray the hell out of them. I write devotionals and I use Facebook for my Godly purpose and for selling my books. I am a published author who is working to get my name out to the masses. Oh, I love God! I’ll pray for you and sell you a book, afterwards. I’ll love you but it doesn’t necessarily mean I have to like you. But this is my story!

What’s yours?

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It’s RELEASE day y’all

Ms Nice Nasty 2

I don’t know about you but I’m excited! Excited for you to read the final book in the Ms. Nice Nasty Series, Ms. Nice Nasty 2. I’m excited that this is my seventh (7th) fiction novel. And I am excited that God still finds me favorable!

See, I never thought I would be an author yet here I am, nine books later. God is amazing! I owe Him all the credit because He was the one that deemed me worthy of a writing gift. Writing didn’t find me, it’s was created in my loins. God knew exactly who I’d be because He tells in Jeremiah 1:5, “He knew me before I was even formed in my mother’s womb.” Isn’t that great news!

Even when I didn’t see it in myself, it was there festering in my spirit. I’d feel it from time to time because it was growing in my belly. And some years later, at the appropriate time, I gave birth. Yes, I pushed out what was already inside of me. I tapped into part of my destiny. Writing isn’t my only destiny, it’s part of it and I am excited that you all get to share it with me.

So I invite each of you to download Ms. Nice Nasty 2. It’ll be available in paperback next week.

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Excerpt 2 from Ms. Nice Nasty 2 (Rated R Content)

Excerpt 2 from Ms. Nice Nasty 2 (Rated R Content)

11263227_10206882509920034_1482729868_nPulling up to the room number Charles texted, I reply with a text for him to open the door. I get out the car, almost running, wearing stilettos and a maxi dress with nothing underneath.

He opens the door to let me in and quickly closes it behind me before locking it.

“Hey,” I say walking into his arms where our lips lock and my tongue finds his.

“Hmm,” he moans when he finally lets go. “You smell so damn good.”

“I taste even better,” I smile as I walk away from him, pulling my dress over my head.

He laughs. “Only you would come out the house with basically nothing on but heels.”

“Putting all that on is wasted time, don’t you think?” I ask as I turn my back to him and rub my hand over my butt.

“I’m inclined to agree.”

“Have a seat on the side of the bed,” I tell him.

He eyes me suspiciously but does what he’s told. I pull a chair in front of him and sit, placing my legs on the bed on opposite sides of him. I spread them wide enough to make sure he has a fantastic view of the show.

He moves to touch but I slap his hand. “It’s not your turn.”

I lick two of my fingers, one at a time, before rubbing them over my shaven candy box.

I smile while watching him squirm. “I enter them into me and begin to pleasure myself.”

I use the other hand to spread my lips while I continue to play with my clit.

“Hmmm, she’s so wet,” I moan to him as he watches me.

“Make her cum,” he says, licking his lips.

I spread my legs a little further and begin rubbing harder and faster.

“Mmm, ooo, ooohhhh!!” I scream while the orgasm rocks through me.

He grabs my legs and pulls me from the chair, flipping me on the bed. Working to undo his pants, he quickly steps out of them as he reaches for a condom on the table and covers his rock-hard penis with it.

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I know who I am!


I’m Lakisha, a preacher of God’s word who still, sometime, cuss, I still make mistakes, I still sin, sometimes; I stay up later than I should, I procrastinate on some things, when I get mad I shut down, I don’t like to argue, I have tattoos, I love preaching, teaching, going to worship service and studying God’s word, I absolutely love my family and friends and I write fiction books about sex. I’m not perfect but guess what … God still loves me! God still uses me! God still finds favor in me! God still deems me worthy! God still counts me as His! And I’m still blessed in spite of what man thinks! I know who I am!! #Godschosen

Be blessed!