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My newest release #WhentheVowsBreak is a remake of my very first fiction series, #ASecretWorthKeeping.

Is it the same book? No! The characters are the same but the story line is completely different.

Is it Christian Fiction? Not fully, as book 1 takes you on a journey, with these 6 women, to find their way back to God, Faith, trust, etc. With this being shared, there is some cursing and sex scenes (although not as explicit as before).

Is it available? Yep! On #Amazon and #KindleUnlimited.

Do I need your support? ALWAYS!

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Dearly beloved, that’s how it begins,
What God has joined together, let no man put asunder; that’s how it ends.
Happily married, wedded bliss and with these rings, we do take;
But what happens to happily ever after, when the vows break?

Shelby, Raylan, Chloe, Lynesha, Kerri and Camille have been friends since freshmen year of high school. They’ve been together through college, failed relationships, deaths, and sickness. They’ve watched each other grow and become business leaders and owners, wives and mothers.

They’ve survived when most people say, women can’t be friends.

Then, all hell breaks loose in each of their marriages.

Secrets, lying, cheating, drugs, alcohol, and temptations prove that not everything is what it seems.

Will the chaos of it all be more than they can take? Find out in part 1 of When the Vows Break


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Best In Black Awards


Hey all…

I have the privilege of being nominated in 2 categories of #TheBestinBlackAwards

— Category  5 – Best Author Lakisha Johnson


—  Category 43 – Best Blogger Kisha’s Daily Devotionals

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Lakisha ❤️

A Fellow Blogger shows love …

I had an opportunity to share with the men and women of the North Memphis Library, here in my hometown (Memphis, TN) over the weekend. It was their 12th Annual Real Men’s and Women’s Conference and I was asked to facilitate the workshop, “Be Careful Who You Love”. Me! Wow! Of course, I said yes because they have always supported me. They were the first local book club to support me as a local author so I will always support them.

While I was at the conference, I had the chance to meet a new local author, Faith Simone and today in reading her blog, I was blown away by the wonderful things she had to say about my workshop at the conference. I have to share it with you guys. See, I am just a regular person doing what I love and for someone to take a moment and give me a shoutout, I am grateful and honored. So, please take a moment and visit her blog and see for yourself the kinds words she shared!

– – You never know who’s watching and listening!

Her blog is and the link to the post is HERE! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Also, Faith has a new book out called, When the Real Thing Comes Along and it is available on Amazon. Check her out!

If you would like to reach me for book club events or speaking engagements, email me at

Thank you for visiting my blog.
– Keep Praying and Keep Reading!

Oh, I also got the chance to meet author Mary Monroe.





Holiday Book Blitz #8: A Secret Worth Keeping by Lakisha Johnson

Holiday Book Blitz #8: A Secret Worth Keeping by Lakisha Johnson sponsored by SistahFriend Book Club!

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ASWK Cover

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About the Book:
Shelby is a career woman turned housewife who enjoys the friendships that have been built with her 5 best friends; Camille, Lynesha, Raylin, Kerri and Chloe. They are all career women with different businesses, husbands and even children but something is missing and they can’t seem to find it at home, in a store or even in a book. So, they search for this missing piece in the beds, arms, cars and even offices of other men who don’t mind paying for what Dem Dam Divas can offer. They enjoy the thrill of sneaking, creeping and even vacationing on someone else’s dime but they soon find out that all good things come to an end. What happens when it becomes too much? From secretly wanting someone who doesn’t want you, loving only to not be loved back and being caught up in a dream that you’re about to be awaken from; will it be worth it in the end? Will they regret their actions or stand by them? Will they finally question whether this secret is really worth keeping?