New in Christian Fiction – Author She Nell

Walking Crooked with Christ is a new Christian Fiction Release by Author She Nell. In this book we meet Jas’Mia who has had her fair share of death, loneliness, struggle, and pain. While Jas’Mia knows God, attends church regularly and prays constantly; she still finds herself lost. Leaving her to ask the question, “Can IContinue reading “New in Christian Fiction – Author She Nell”

In four days …

In four days, I’m stepping out on faith and out of my comfort zone to do something God gave me last year. I’m hosting my very first ministerial event called Surviving Me. If you follow me on social media then you’ve seen the posts, but I wanted to share it here, for two reasons. One,Continue reading “In four days …”

I wish I could take credit …

I wish I could take sole credit for penning all the books, I have but I didn’t do it alone. Truth is, I couldn’t do it alone. Writing, for me, isn’t about money or fame, I write because it’s assigned to my name. This is why, every book is prayed over; before, during and after.Continue reading “I wish I could take credit …”

I know who I am!

I’m Lakisha, a preacher of God’s word who still, sometime, cuss, I still make mistakes, I still sin, sometimes; I stay up later than I should, I procrastinate on some things, when I get mad I shut down, I don’t like to argue, I have tattoos, I love preaching, teaching, going to worship service andContinue reading “I know who I am!”