Devotional Nugget – When you’re looking at nothing

“I am commanding the nothing into something!! I have a builder’s anointing and it’s going to turn out like God said.” — This is my declaration to God and I thought I’d share it with somebody who needs reminding (like me). I don’t know what God has told you to do but trust Him. IContinue reading “Devotional Nugget – When you’re looking at nothing”

My Faith is in God!

Say this … MY FAITH IS IN GOD, NOT FLESH! Whoever you are, the devil is a liar. That sickness or disease, won’t kill you. You’ll live, even with the scars, but you’ve got to believe it. That grief, won’t always be like this. You’ll smile again without your heart hurting so bad, but IContinue reading “My Faith is in God!”

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!! From my heart to yours. I pray this Christmas just hits differently for you and your family. What do I mean? I mean, let this Christmas be the best one yet. And I’ll answer … By remembering Jesus. Despite what may have or haven’t happened. Despite what you may have gone through. RegardlessContinue reading “Merry Christmas”

Pray then go to sleep

Tonight, I’m praying for … The mother whose tears won’t stop because you feel as though you’re letting your kids and yourself down. The father whose blood pressure is high because he’s worried about taking care of his family. The daughter who’s being molested and feeling as though she has no one to tell. TheContinue reading “Pray then go to sleep”

Another Tuesday

Here it is, another Tuesday, in another month, almost at the end of another year and somebody is still tarrying at the table of the tempter. Yeah, you’re being troubled by temptation, yet you will not trust the one on the throne. The toil of tomorrow is already terrifying you because you will not useContinue reading “Another Tuesday”