Full Series – Ms. Nice Nasty

Ms. Nice Nasty is the one series that you should definitely read! Yep! Please note, I am not saying this because I wrote it (maybe I am) but I am saying this because it is a great series. Download, read it and see for yourself. Then once you are hooked on Cam, leave a reviewContinue reading “Full Series – Ms. Nice Nasty”

What is your story? – This is mine!

I shared this on my devotional site this morning (Kisha’s Daily Devotional) and I thought it was worth sharing here. I asked the question, “What’s your story?” For me, I am a preacher of God’s word who writes about sex and I love God with every fiber of my being. I’m from a single parentContinue reading “What is your story? – This is mine!”

Ms. Nice Nasty 2 – excerpt

Here’s an excerpt from Chapter 35 of Ms. Nice Nasty 2. What will it take for Cam to open her eyes and change her ways? “Cam, If you’re reading this, please forgive me. I know this is hard to wrap your head around but don’t hate me for choosing my way to leave this world,Continue reading “Ms. Nice Nasty 2 – excerpt”

Ms. Nice Nasty Series

Have you 1-clicked the Ms. Nice Nasty series yet?  Have you met Camille Shannon, otherwise known as, Cam? You still have time! She’s always been unapologetic about who she is but when her life starts spiraling out of control, she will have to change her tune.  The career she’s always wanted lands in her lapContinue reading “Ms. Nice Nasty Series”

Books make great Christmas gifts …

If you’re looking for a great stocking stuffer, look no further! Did you know that books make great gifts as well? Here’s an entire series that will bless somebody’s spirit! Ms. Nice Nasty series by Lakisha Johnson Ms. Nice Nasty 2 Synopsis: Didn’t your mother teach you that actions have consequences? For Camille, her dreamContinue reading “Books make great Christmas gifts …”