New Book – I’m Not Crazy

Imagine waking up one day different. You can’t explain it, but something just isn’t right. One minute you’re happy and the next sad. One moment you’re loving and the next angry. The voices you hear, the different moods you experience and the sad looks in people’s eyes makes you wonder if you’re losing your mind.Continue reading “New Book – I’m Not Crazy”

Press on, dear writer!

Can I testify? I purchased this cover a year before I even released the book. Why? Because I had intentions to release it in 2017 but God said NOPE! I didn’t understand it and I questioned God. God, haven’t I been faithful? God, what else? God, why me? All the questions I asked the manyContinue reading “Press on, dear writer!”

New Book Alert …

  My newest release #WhentheVowsBreak is a remake of my very first fiction series, #ASecretWorthKeeping. Is it the same book? No! The characters are the same but the story line is completely different. Is it Christian Fiction? Not fully, as book 1 takes you on a journey, with these 6 women, to find their way back to God,Continue reading “New Book Alert …”

New Book – Broken

Broken is the #1 New Release in AA Christian Fiction and it’s all in part to those of you who have supported this release! If you haven’t downloaded it, click HERE Synopsis: How do you survive brokenness when it’s been on your bloodline since before you were born? Gwendolyn was 13 when her dad shatteredContinue reading “New Book – Broken”

The Marriage Bed – Chapter 1

BUY HERE Lynn I run around the bedroom, lighting the candles on the nightstand. When I hear the chirp of the alarm, I quickly turn off the lights, remove my robe and stand next to the bed. “Lynn, where are you?” Jerome calls out. “In the bedroom.” “Why do you have the lights off?” HeContinue reading “The Marriage Bed – Chapter 1”