{Pre-Order Release} Bible Chicks: What Would Women Of The Bible Be Like Today? (Book 1) by Khara Campbell

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Good Morning! Author Khara Campbell has a new release available for pre-order. Bible Chicks is a two-book Christian Fiction series. Book two is written by Author Lakisha Johnson and will be available for pre-order on August 24th. Yes, these two amazing authors have teamed up to bring you today’s perspective of a very interesting question: What would women of the bible be like today? This book focuses on women with the issue of blood: Rehab, Leah and Tamar.

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It takes hard work, patience, determination, passion, money AND courage. No, it doesn’t take some of these, it takes all of these.

1. Hard work – you have to sacrifice time hanging out, time sleeping; time period to get it done. For some, writing is full time but it still takes hard work. You NEVER give up!

2. Patience – it takes patience to build a following, to get people to believe in you, to make it to bestseller and to see a return on your investment. You NEVER give up!

3. Determination – Who will work harder for you than you! You have to be determined to make it. Which means … you NEVER give up!

4. Passion – writing can be a career but it works better when it’s a passion, something you believe in. Your passion is something that you’ll willingly lose sleep over. You NEVER give up!

5. Money – you have to spend money to make money. From book covers, editing, promotion, ads, newsletters, gifts, etc. You spend more when you are an Indie Author. You NEVER give up!

6. Courage – You absolutely have to have courage. Why? Because you will have strangers reading your work and some will not like it. You’ll have folk combing through every word and scene with a fine tooth comb, leaving “constructive criticism.” Writing takes thick but for the few who don’t like it, hundreds will. You NEVER give up!

But let me leave you with this piece of advice, don’t allow anyone to detour your dreams. Writing isn’t for wimps but it’s worth it! You are your best advocate. Make daggum sure everyone knows!

Just NEVER give up!

— Keep writing 🧡

New Book Alert

“The 11th Commandment, just might save your life. Thou Shalt Never Forget His Wife.”

— The Forgotten Wife

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All Rylee wants is her husband’s attention.

She used to be the apple of Todd’s eye but no matter what she did, lately, he was just too busy to notice her.

She could not help but wonder why.

Then one day, an unexpected email, subject line: Forgotten Wife and little did she know, it was about to play a major part in her life.

They say first comes love then comes … a kidnapping, attacks, lies and affairs.

Someone is out for blood but who, what, when and why?

Secrets are revealed and Rylee fears for her life, when all she ever wanted was not to be The Forgotten Wife


God’s Grace

God’s grace is enough!!

Who would have thought that after a year (2017) of not being able to pen a book, God would allow me the ability to create and publish four books and a women’s journal within the first four months of 2018.

God’s grace is enough!

And by His power, I’ll release two to three more before taking a break.

Chile, I don’t know if he will do it but I surely know God will! God will do it!!! Check out my Amazon Page to grab a copy of these best sellers.

As always,

Happy Reading.

Lakisha ❤️