Ms. Nice Nasty 2 – excerpt

Ms Nice Nasty 2

Here’s an excerpt from Chapter 35 of Ms. Nice Nasty 2.

What will it take for Cam to open her eyes and change her ways?


If you’re reading this, please forgive me. I know this is hard to wrap your head around but don’t hate me for choosing my way to leave this world, I just couldn’t take living anymore. I know you’re questioning why I didn’t tell you when I came to see you but you would have talked me out of it. Don’t blame yourself. I’ve always loved you and I know you love me, this is why I had to say goodbye in person one last time. Don’t cry for me because I am finally at peace. I know it seems crazy but I just couldn’t find the peace in living that I hope I can find in death. I prayed and I asked God to forgive me too and I believe He has.

I left a safe deposit box for you at my bank; you should get all the details in the mail in a day or so. It will have everything you need to take care of all of my affairs. Tell the girls I love them and don’t be mad. They may not understand it now but I pray one day each of you will see that I had to do this, for me.
This is not goodbye, it’s just goodnight for now. I love you always.

Love …

Will this do it? Find out and see what this letter mean by getting your copy of Ms. Nice Nasty 2 today.

As always,
–Happy Reading!


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