Excerpt 2 from Ms. Nice Nasty 2 (Rated R Content)

Excerpt 2 from Ms. Nice Nasty 2 (Rated R Content) Pulling up to the room number Charles texted, I reply with a text for him to open the door. I get out the car, almost running, wearing stilettos and a maxi dress with nothing underneath. He opens the door to let me in and quicklyContinue reading “Excerpt 2 from Ms. Nice Nasty 2 (Rated R Content)”

I know who I am!

I’m Lakisha, a preacher of God’s word who still, sometime, cuss, I still make mistakes, I still sin, sometimes; I stay up later than I should, I procrastinate on some things, when I get mad I shut down, I don’t like to argue, I have tattoos, I love preaching, teaching, going to worship service andContinue reading “I know who I am!”

Ms. Nice Nasty: Cam’s Confession – Now Available

Ms. Nice Nasty: Cam’s Confession is NOW AVAILABLE. Now you can get your copy from Amazon or IBooks. — What is it with secrets, sex, lies and did I mention sex? For Camille, she has had her fair share of them all. From A Secret Worth Keeping to Ms. Nice Nasty. What’s next? Yea, sheContinue reading “Ms. Nice Nasty: Cam’s Confession – Now Available”

**Cover Reveal – Ms. Nice Nasty, Cam’s Confession

Camille Holden-Shannon has always known who she was, well that was until she faced the ultimate betrayal at the hands of someone she thought she knew. It forced her to hide the person she was and become a force to be reckoned with. She created the facade of Cam to mask her pain and nowContinue reading “**Cover Reveal – Ms. Nice Nasty, Cam’s Confession”

Free Book Alert! ** 18 First Loves of Delphine Publications

***FREE Book Alert*** If you’ve never read a book by Delphine Publication’s shame on you!! Don’t worry – Now you have a chance to experience the “First Loves” of Delphine. Yes, you read this right … The “First Loves” of Delphine Publications with an 18 Book Box Set! That’s over 1 Million Words of tantalizingContinue reading “Free Book Alert! ** 18 First Loves of Delphine Publications”