Wild Out Wednesday – #MsNiceNasty


“Oh, so let me get this straight. I’m the reason you went out and slept with someone else without a condom and produced a child? Very original Thomas.”

“That’s not what I meant. I made a mistake Chelle, I mean Cam.”

“Wow,” I laugh. “But you say I need therapy. You got the nerve to tell me what I’m doing wrong, always acting like I can never do anything right yet you’re no better than me. You sorry bastard. You walk around like your shit don’t stank, like you’re a saint who never make mistakes, yet in a few months your mistake will be born.”

“I don’t know if that’s even my baby.”

“You should know because if you used protection, you wouldn’t be in this position but no, you’re so busy trying to find out where I am and all the time I thought it was because you cared but in actuality you’re were just trying to make sure we didn’t run into each other.”

“That’s not true.”

“Oh but I have to give you credit, you did a great job at it because you even had me fooled but while you were checking on me you should have been keeping your side chick in check.”
“What do you expect from me when you walk around here like you’re single? You treat me like I am one of your children and you never take my feelings into consideration. You come in at all times of day and night, wear all this sexy ass lingerie and there’s no telling who you’re sleeping with but now you want to act like I’ve committed the ultimate crime. I made a mistake.”

“Great speech. You almost bought me to tears but it was actually the bullshit starting to burn my eyes. I’ve never said I was a saint because I sin everyday yet I never allow it to affect our home. You get sex whenever, wherever and however you want it and no matter what I’ve done outside this home, it has never been bought here so you can save all that shit for somebody who gives a damn because mine has run completely out. You fucked up and got caught; point blank period.”

“So what now?”

“Now, you get the fuck out of my face!”


That was all he got out before I threw my glass right at his head.
“I asked you to get out my face. The next time something gets thrown I won’t miss.”


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2015 AAMBC Literary Awards

Exciting news from the desk of Tamika Newhouse and AAMBC …

The 7th annual AAMBC Awards will take place in Atlanta, GA this summer. Yes, you read this right! This year, there will be an actual award show honoring Hip Hop Fiction writer K’wan Iamlegend among many others. This show is expected to be epic, one for the books, one that you won’t forget as it will feature musical and performance acts as well as appearances from your favorite celebs and authors. Aren’t you getting excited??

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