Wild Out Wednesday – #MsNiceNasty

“Oh, so let me get this straight. I’m the reason you went out and slept with someone else without a condom and produced a child? Very original Thomas.” “That’s not what I meant. I made a mistake Chelle, I mean Cam.” “Wow,” I laugh. “But you say I need therapy. You got the nerve toContinue reading “Wild Out Wednesday – #MsNiceNasty”

Free Book Alert! ** 18 First Loves of Delphine Publications

***FREE Book Alert*** If you’ve never read a book by Delphine Publication’s shame on you!! Don’t worry – Now you have a chance to experience the “First Loves” of Delphine. Yes, you read this right … The “First Loves” of Delphine Publications with an 18 Book Box Set! That’s over 1 Million Words of tantalizingContinue reading “Free Book Alert! ** 18 First Loves of Delphine Publications”

A Secret Worth Keeping 2 is out!!

That’s right! A Secret Worth Keeping 2 is out!   These divas are back and the drama is unfolding. Shelby is in the midst of some major mess with her husband, Chloe is pregnant and confused, Kerri seems to be mending fences with her husband, Lyn doesn’t know what she wants, Ray wants happiness withContinue reading “A Secret Worth Keeping 2 is out!!”

A Secret Worth Keeping …. Is Free & Number 1

A Secret Worth Keeping is FREE and Number 1 (#1) on Amazon! If you haven’t gotten your copy, why don’t you go ahead now … It’s free and it’s number 1! (I like the sound of being number 1) You can download a copy of A Secret Worth Keeping by clicking HERE AND You canContinue reading “A Secret Worth Keeping …. Is Free & Number 1”