Ms. Nice Nasty 2

There are some twists and turns coming up for Camille “Cam” Shannon in the series finale of Ms. Nice Nasty. Can you guess what they are? Will she come out without a scar? Or will her actions have more consequences than she can handle? Pre-order your copy of Ms. Nice Nasty 2 today! “Thank you,Continue reading “Ms. Nice Nasty 2”

Excerpt 2 from Ms. Nice Nasty 2 (Rated R Content)

Excerpt 2 from Ms. Nice Nasty 2 (Rated R Content) Pulling up to the room number Charles texted, I reply with a text for him to open the door. I get out the car, almost running, wearing stilettos and a maxi dress with nothing underneath. He opens the door to let me in and quicklyContinue reading “Excerpt 2 from Ms. Nice Nasty 2 (Rated R Content)”

Excerpt 1 … Ms. Nice Nasty (Rated R Content)

Excerpt from Ms. Nice Nasty 2 After another thirty minutes of smiling, hugging and listening to not-so-funny courtroom jokes, I whisper to my mom that I need a quick break. My nerves are on level ten and I need a moment to get myself together. Walking down the hallway, I am looking down and messingContinue reading “Excerpt 1 … Ms. Nice Nasty (Rated R Content)”