New book :: Pre-order Link

**Releasing February 20, 2018** Dear God by Lakisha Johnson PRE-ORDER HERE This book, although it did not take me out of my comfort zone, it is different from any book you may have read of mine. This book, it does have some curse words but NO sex. This book, instead, seeks to help someone whoContinue reading “New book :: Pre-order Link”

Excerpt 1 … Ms. Nice Nasty (Rated R Content)

Excerpt from Ms. Nice Nasty 2 After another thirty minutes of smiling, hugging and listening to not-so-funny courtroom jokes, I whisper to my mom that I need a quick break. My nerves are on level ten and I need a moment to get myself together. Walking down the hallway, I am looking down and messingContinue reading “Excerpt 1 … Ms. Nice Nasty (Rated R Content)”

Pre-order Ms. Nice Nasty 2!

Chile … Guess what’s available for pre-order!! Ms. Nice Nasty 2! (Oh yeah!) Synopsis:: Didn’t your mother teach you that actions have consequences? Camille’s life seems to be going downhill fast and she can’t put her foot on the brake. After being nominated for judge; she’s looking to celebrate a silver lining in the chaosContinue reading “Pre-order Ms. Nice Nasty 2!”