Still …

I haven’t shared a devotional in a while but I’ve still been praying. Praying for each of you, many whose name I don’t know. I’ve been praying for your faith, finances, family, friends, focus, spiritual fruit, spirit of forgiveness and your foundation. I’ve been praying, during this pandemic especially with fear and anxiety on theContinue reading “Still …”

Daily Devotional – 5/24/17 “God’s staffing agency!”

Sometimes you will be placed into a position, a community, a worship place, a relationship or even on a job to be used as a reminder that God is still God. Look, God will place a pastor into a position to get his/her feelings hurt daily only for him/her to leave with a smile andContinue reading “Daily Devotional – 5/24/17 “God’s staffing agency!””

Daily Devotional – 12/5/16 “It’s time!”

Don’t go searching for the past! If it was meant, it would be your present. And you know good and well what I mean. Quit searching social media, stop reading old texts, erase those old emails, delete the phone numbers and move on. Stop with the stalking of their pages and throw out those oldContinue reading “Daily Devotional – 12/5/16 “It’s time!””

Daily Devotional – 7/27/16 “You won’t give up, not today!”

When you walk in the purpose God has for your life, you are essentially letting the enemy know, he should have killed you when he had the chance. See, the enemy knows you have potential otherwise he wouldn’t bother and when you push through the pain, insecurities, disappointments, fall downs and etc. you are defyingContinue reading “Daily Devotional – 7/27/16 “You won’t give up, not today!””

Daily Devotional – 7/26/16 “Pain hurts but it also heals!”

It’s a known fact that pain, no matter how big or small, hurts. If you don’t believe me, hit the side of the bed without a shoe on, close your finger in a door, lose a love one or go through a break up. You’ll quickly find that pain hurts. However, there’s great news …Continue reading “Daily Devotional – 7/26/16 “Pain hurts but it also heals!””