Christmas Special

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays! I wish for each of you, this Christmas Eve; an enjoyable time with your family. I pray that whatever caused you distance, earlier in the year, is forgotten AND forgiven. Find peace on today! Don’t wait until the New Year, do it today.   For a Christmas Special, you can downloadContinue reading “Christmas Special”

Daily Devotional – 1/26/15 “Who or what is controlling your life?”

I know I am late posting today but I had to have a 3 and a half hour diabetes test done this morning at the doctor’s office. That test, my Lord! Diabetes runs in my family so I’ve always known there is a chance I could possibly one day have it but I am notContinue reading “Daily Devotional – 1/26/15 “Who or what is controlling your life?””

Daily Devotional – 3/27/12 “Social Networking but your character!”

I’ve often wondered what would make a person put their business out on the internet for the world to see. I mean does it do you any good to vent one week about your boyfriend cheating and then 2 days later you are the happiest you’ve ever been? Then, you have the nerve to letContinue reading “Daily Devotional – 3/27/12 “Social Networking but your character!””

Daily Devotional – 11/18/11 “Watch your mouth!”

On last night my sister was singing this song by the Chicago Mass Choir entitled “I pray we’ll all be ready,” and when I got up this morning the song was still in my head.  I had to go to YouTube to listen to it because I wanted to get the real meaning.  I couldn’tContinue reading “Daily Devotional – 11/18/11 “Watch your mouth!””