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Ms Nice Nasty 2

Welp, I’ve got you covered!

Really, I do!

An entire series in fact … Ms. Nice Nasty.

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Ms. Nice Nasty 2 for $2.99 or FREE with Kindle Unlimited


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Books you should be reading!


Have you enjoyed a book by Author Lakisha Johnson yet? If yes, thank you! If no, what are you waiting on?

In the first series, A Secret Worth Keeping, you meet friends; Shelby, Chloe, Ray, Kerri and Lyn. These ‘Damn Divas’ are enjoying life to the max and by that I mean, they enjoy sex and lots of it.

They find themselves intertwined between the legs of men, who aren’t their husbands on a number of occasions. For some, the cheating is because they are missing what they need at home. For others, they do it because they love it. Yet they’ve vowed it’s A Secret Worth Keeping!

Find out what happens to them when it all becomes too much. Will their marriages survive? Will they find the love they’ve been looking for?

A Secret Worth Keeping $0.99

A Secret Worth Keeping: Deleted Scene FREE

A Secret Worth Keeping 2 $2.99

First Series

Oh, I couldn’t let it end there because Camille Shannon (Cam if you’re nasty) was just too much for one series, she needed her own.

In Ms. Nice Nasty, you get to know more about Cam. She always proclaimed to be who she is, take her or leave her but what happens when that’s no longer enough? In book one (1) she’s unapologetic for the life she lives. Will she still be that way by book three (3)?

Find out by downloading this entire series.

Ms. Nice Nasty $1.99

Ms. Nice Nasty: Cam’s Confession FREE

Ms. Nice Nasty 2 $2.99


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Ms. Nice Nasty series is waiting on you!

Looking for a great series to get you company? Well meet Camille Shannon of the Ms. Nice Nasty series ..

Get to know the raw, uncut version of a sex addict who doesn’t see her addiction. It’s after her life starts spiraling out of control that she realizes, she may be in over her head.

Download your copy today. Read, review and share.

Ms. Nice Nasty

Ms. Nice Nasty: Cam’s Confession

Ms. Nice Nasty 2


You can get them all from Amazon!
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Ms. Nice Nasty Series

Have you 1-clicked the Ms. Nice Nasty series yet? 

Have you met Camille Shannon, otherwise known as, Cam?

You still have time!

She’s always been unapologetic about who she is but when her life starts spiraling out of control, she will have to change her tune. 

The career she’s always wanted lands in her lap but it’s at the most chaotic time in her life. Her marriage is failing, her husband’s side chick is pregnant and she’s been stalked. What will she do? Will she be able to save it all before it goes up in smoke? 

Find out in the series, Ms. Nice Nasty


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It’s RELEASE day y’all

Ms Nice Nasty 2

I don’t know about you but I’m excited! Excited for you to read the final book in the Ms. Nice Nasty Series, Ms. Nice Nasty 2. I’m excited that this is my seventh (7th) fiction novel. And I am excited that God still finds me favorable!

See, I never thought I would be an author yet here I am, nine books later. God is amazing! I owe Him all the credit because He was the one that deemed me worthy of a writing gift. Writing didn’t find me, it’s was created in my loins. God knew exactly who I’d be because He tells in Jeremiah 1:5, “He knew me before I was even formed in my mother’s womb.” Isn’t that great news!

Even when I didn’t see it in myself, it was there festering in my spirit. I’d feel it from time to time because it was growing in my belly. And some years later, at the appropriate time, I gave birth. Yes, I pushed out what was already inside of me. I tapped into part of my destiny. Writing isn’t my only destiny, it’s part of it and I am excited that you all get to share it with me.

So I invite each of you to download Ms. Nice Nasty 2. It’ll be available in paperback next week.

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