It’s the grace for me

Somebody is facing a tough situation right now. You don’t know why it showed up at your house or how it got your name and number, but it did. You’ve tried to figure out why the enemy has shown up looking, talking, and dressing like your cousin, why the lies being spread are coming fromContinue reading “It’s the grace for me”

Daily Devotional – 10/8/18 – In the company of grace

Growing up, I’d often see and/or hear my grandmother praying. If she wasn’t praying, she was humming either Amazing Grace or an old Hymn. I didn’t realize it, when I was younger but I now know that when grandma prayed, we were in the company of grace. When grandma prayed, she was asking God toContinue reading “Daily Devotional – 10/8/18 – In the company of grace”

Daily Devotional – 5/21/18 “Grace!”

For the last two months I have been experiencing dizziness. The kind that stops you in your tracks however, you wouldn’t know unless I told you because I press through. Not because I have to prove that I am strong but I refuse to be limited by something, even the doctors cannot figure out. ThisContinue reading “Daily Devotional – 5/21/18 “Grace!””