Thursday’s Dose of Devotion

While you’re going through, the enemy will try to make you feel like you won’t make it. See, the enemy will have you forgetting all the other times God made a way and you MADE IT. The enemy will have you focusing on the storm and not the fact, you’ve SURVIVED worst. Baby, God didContinue reading “Thursday’s Dose of Devotion”

Daily Devotional – 2/6/18 “We have to go through!”

We go through K-12 before we graduate high school. We go through 2-4 years of college before we get a degree. We go through interviews before we get a job. We go through traffic before we reach our destination. We go through labor to give birth. We go through pain to heal. We go throughContinue reading “Daily Devotional – 2/6/18 “We have to go through!””