Daily Devotional – 7/13/17 “My choice!”

I recently started back on the journey of getting healthier. My husband and I joined an athletic center near the house and I am proud to say, we have been 4 consecutive days. Along with working out, I have also changed my eating habits. Today, for lunch, I walked with two of my coworkers toContinue reading “Daily Devotional – 7/13/17 “My choice!””

Daily Devotional – 4/28/17 “To follow or not..”

One of the coolest features I like about Facebook is the unfollow feature. It is one that allows you to stop seeing people’s post without unfriending them. Alright, you may not say it but let us be honest for a moment. There are some folk who post A LOT, some who post foolishness and someContinue reading “Daily Devotional – 4/28/17 “To follow or not..””

Daily Devotional – 5/6/15 “Who are you hooked too?”

When your car battery is dead, you hook it up to another battery that is full of life for a charge. When your electronic device dies or is dying, you plug it into an electrical outlet to recharge its battery – it gets hooked back up. When your tire is low, you hook an airContinue reading “Daily Devotional – 5/6/15 “Who are you hooked too?””