**Rated R Excerpt ** Ms. Nice Nasty 2

Lookahere fellow readers … this is a rated R excerpt so govern thyself accordingly!

Ms Nice Nasty 2

I hear his pants unzip as I impatiently wait for what he is about to do to me. I can feel the juices between my legs starting to run so I take it upon myself to play in my candy box.

Inserting two fingers into her, I let out a soft moan of pleasure just as Thomas brushes up against me.

I remove my fingers and he begins to rub the head of his rock-hard penis against the opening of my girl.

“You want this dick?” he asks in my ear.

“Yes baby, give it to me.”

“Say please.”

“Please!” I moan a little bit louder.

He thrusts into me as I grab the edge of the desk and, at the exact time, Judy buzzes, “Judge Shannon, if you don’t need me, I’m going to head out.”

I reach for the phone and press the button to respond at the same time Thomas hits my spot.

“Oh!” I say releasing the button.

“Judge Shannon, are you ok?” Judy asks.

“Uh, yes Judy I am, um, I’m good. I will see you tomorrow.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes!” That was actually in response to Thomas but she took it too.

“Okay, you have a great night and I’ll see you in the morning.”

I can’t even reply because Thomas is sending an orgasm through me that’s making my legs weak.

He grabs one of my legs and raises it up on the desk as he continues to thrust into me.

“Oh God, this feels so good.”

He then stops.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” he says, stepping out of his shoes and pants.

He grabs me and leads me over to the table in the middle of the room. He lays me on my back and enters me again. He has my legs over his shoulders as he plays my girl like a drum. He’s beating her something good and the moans coming from my mouth are making great music.

I pull him down to me, covering his mouth with mine as he continues to give me all of him.

“Ooo,” I moan into his mouth. “I’m cumm— Oh my God!”

He pulls back and slows down, going in and out. He then takes my hands and pulls them over my head as his strokes get faster.

“Uh,” he grunts, as my breath is now caught in my throat from the feelings running through me. I don’t know whether to cry or scream.

Collapsing on top of me, “That was good,” he says into my mouth as he inserts his tongue.

When I finally come up for air, I laugh. “Where in the hell have you been the past fifteen years?”

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Chapter 1 excerpt:

18 years ago

“Thank you Mr. Frederick, this is just what I need.”

“Is there any else, Camille?”

“What do you mean?” I ask looking confused while grabbing my things.

“Oh come on, you know what I mean. You didn’t come here tonight for help with this assignment because you could have easily figured it out yourself.”

“Um, I’m not following.”

“Sure you are,” he says, smiling.

“Okay, but I’m not sure what you mean. You’ve always helped me before but if it’s a problem, I won’t come to you again.”

“No, no, there’s no problem but you’re not a freshman anymore so now I need some help from you.”
“Oookay,” I say, still confused.

He takes my books and sits them on the floor before taking my hand and placing it between his legs.

I snatch it back. “What in the hell are you doing?”

“Calm down, haven’t you felt a dick before?”

“No, and I don’t appreciate you putting my hand on yours.”

“You’re a virgin?” he asks, smiling.

“I’m going to go because obviously I’ve given you the wrong idea.”

He grabs my arm and pushes me back down on the couch. “You aren’t going anywhere.”
He gets up and locks the door.

“Look Mr. Frederick, I apologize if I gave you the wrong idea but if you let me out of here now, I promise I will not say anything.”

He starts laughing. “You aren’t going anywhere, little girl, and you won’t say anything either, not if you want to finish this program.”

“Excuse me?”

“You heard me. I have the power to make or break you at this school.”

“I’ll take my chances,” I say, trying to grab my books again.

He gets angry and pulls me up to him. “Oh, you’re a feisty little bitch. I like that, but I suggest you shut the fuck up and listen.”

“Please don’t do this.”

“You don’t know when to shut up, do you? Get on your knees.”

Crying, I kneel in front of him as he unbuckles his pants. Shoving his dick in my face, I squirm trying to avoid it but it’s only making him more aroused. Using it to slap me on my lips, he smiles. “Open your mouth.”

Refusing, he grabs my hair and pushes his dick into my mouth, “Suck it!”

I gag from the musty odor of him but he continues to thrust in and out until I almost throw up. Pulling me up by my hair, he licks me on the lips and says, “You’ll get better with practice.”

Turning me around on his desk and snatching my panties from under my dress, he spreads my legs with one of his.

He pushes me down as he rubs a finger over my clit.

“I’ve been waiting to sample this pussy,” he tells me, slapping me on the ass. “Relax and you might enjoy it.”

Crying and begging him to stop only makes him more aggressive as he keeps one hand on my back, forcibly holding me down. He’s fumbling around with I’m guessing a condom when I take note of a paperweight sitting on the edge of the desk.

He finally thrusts into me and I cry out.

“Ah,” he moans as he pounds into me. “This is some good, pure pussy.”

He continues, every thrust getting harder and harder with his hand now on the back of my neck.

“Ah, ah!” he grunts before finally pulling out of me.

I stand there a few seconds giving him a minute to back up. Picking up the paperweight from the desk, I swing it towards his head, connecting the first time.

“Dammit!” he yells, stumbling back. “You crazy bitch!”

He walks towards me and I keep swinging.

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