Daily Devotional – 12/20/17 “I wish, no I pray!”

Sometimes you can wish for things that can cripple you, causing you to be held hostage in a place you wouldn’t give to your worst enemy. And the reality of it all, you will not recognize it, until you’ve given years of your life you can’t get back. Yeah, you will experience things that willContinue reading “Daily Devotional – 12/20/17 “I wish, no I pray!””

Daily Devotional – 9/29/14 “You are just the branch!”

Sitting, staring at the computer trying to figure out what to write about but my mind and body is tired because lately I’ve been having such vivid dreams and although it’s hard to put into words, I know it’s God speaking to me yet I’m still trying to figure out what all of this meansContinue reading “Daily Devotional – 9/29/14 “You are just the branch!””

Daily Devotional – 8/1/13 “Holla in the hallway!”

What do you do when one door closes and the next one hasn’t opened yet? What do you do when the job hands you a pink slip and you don’t have an interview lined up? What do you do when the car quits and you don’t have the means to get a new one? WhatContinue reading “Daily Devotional – 8/1/13 “Holla in the hallway!””

Daily Devotional – 3/8/12 “Why you hating?”

You know it’s funny how folks come out, against you, when God is elevating you to a new level. It’s common with politicians when all of the “women” they’ve been seeing behind closed doors just happen to get an interview on the nightly news when they are running for some type of election. It’s alsoContinue reading “Daily Devotional – 3/8/12 “Why you hating?””

Daily Devotional – 2/8/12 “Pray about it!”

When I walk pass you and smile, is it too much to ask for a simple smile back or even an acknowledgement? Just because you have an attitude, you don’t have to take it out on everyone around you. Your day goes bad because you allow it. People make you mad because you allow it.Continue reading “Daily Devotional – 2/8/12 “Pray about it!””