Daily Devotional – 4/8/16 “Whose arms are you in?”

You woke up this morning tired, feeling like you didn’t get any rest and you’re trying to figure out why. You’ve been to the doctor and they can’t find anything wrong. You try sleeping pills and even they won’t work. Yea, you say your prayers and yet you still can’t rest. Well, maybe it’s becauseContinue reading “Daily Devotional – 4/8/16 “Whose arms are you in?””

Daily Devotional – 4/8/14 “Safe in His arms!”

You’re wondering why you can’t sleep at night, why you can’t get any comfort, why you can’t feel any love or why you can’t seem to find rest; well it might be because you’re in the wrong arms. Yea, I know his or her arms may make you feel good for a moment but baby,Continue reading “Daily Devotional – 4/8/14 “Safe in His arms!””