Daily Devotional – 11/13/17 “With the measure you use…”

Before you begin to hold court on someone’s life based on your perception of them, you might want to check the reference book of life. Before you open your mouth to criticize folk’s ways, you may need to turn with me in the good book. Before you set out to talk about others in group texts and on social media; you may want to inspect God’s word. Because the bible shares with us these words in Matthew 7:1-2, “Judge not, that you be not judged. For with what judgment you judge, you will be judged; and with the measure you use, it will be measured back to you.” The Message Bible shares it like this, “Don’t pick on people, jump on their failures, criticize their faults— unless, of course, you want the same treatment. That critical spirit has a way of boomeranging.” See, being quick to judge people on their lifestyle opens the door for somebody to judge yours. Having loose lips with your personal opinions of others, gives access to someone else to be just as open about yours. This is why, beloved, you have to be mindful of what you put out because, and you know this, what you do to others will be done to you.

You need to understand that as God’s children, we are commanded to love and love unconditionally which means I will love you even though I may not like your ways. And I will love you even though I am not in agreement with your choices. Why? Because God loves us even when He doesn’t like our ways. Look, when we think the worst of folk, without knowing them, we judge unjustly. When we criticize their choices, without knowing why they made the choice, we judge unjustly. When we dislike based on somebody else’s opinion, we judge unjustly. When we base our decisions on the worst moments of their life, we judge unjustly. When we spread the story without knowing the story, we judge unjustly. God never said we couldn’t examine the hearts of others but He says, with whatever measure you use, will be the same used on you. So, before you place the microscope over my life to magnify my misdeeds, for the enjoyment of seeing me suffer, ensure you don’t have anything hiding because when you are done judging me; yours begins. For with the same measure you use on me, the same will be used on you.

Published by Pastor LaKisha

LaKisha Johnson is an author of thirty Christian Fiction novels, devotionals and journals. She writes from her heart, as she hopes the messages, on the pages, will relate to every reader.  Ask her and she’ll tell you, ”It’s not just writing, its ministry.” Over the course of her career, she’s won the 2018 Drunken Druid Book of the Year Award for her book, The Forgotten Wife, 2019 Top Shelf Christian Fiction Book of the Year for Dear God: Hear my Prayer, 2020 Distinguished Authors Guild Award for her book, I’m Not Crazy and was a 2020 TopShelf Women’s Fiction Finalist for her book, When the Vows Break. In addition to being a self-published author, she’s also a wife of 22 years, mother of 2, Asst. Pastor of Macedonia MB Church in Hollywood, MS; Sr. Business Analyst with FedEx, Devotional Blogger and more. She’s a college graduate with 2 Associate Degrees in IT and a Bachelor of Science in Bible.   LaKisha writes from the heart, and this is why she doesn’t take the credit for what God does. If you were to strip away everything, you’d see that Lakisha is simply a woman who boldly, unapologetically and gladly loves and works for God.

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