Daily Devotional – 8/23/16 “Breaking traditions!”

We are living in perilous times and this means, there is no more time to waste pacifying and babysitting traditions especially when there’s more serious work to be done. Haven’t you seen the news, read the reports and tallied the number of children dying? Have you noticed the number of ministries where the glory of the Lord no longer prevails? Have you seen the many pastors and preachers who are depressed and stressed out? Did you notice the death toll rising of police killings, black on black crime and murder suicides? Can’t you see there are more pressing issues than whether or not the pastor is married, why you can’t keep the leadership position you’ve had for 15 years with no leadership or if it’s feasible for a woman to preach and prophecy? Baby, you ought to be trying to get into the realm of an anointed person (male or female) so that some of God’s glory can flow into your cup. This is not the time for you to hold on to traditions that aren’t even scriptural. No baby, you can’t keep the same 37-year-old program that’s not reaching the masses. Yes, I get they are your traditions but where does God fit? When will we get back to teaching the real deal from the real bible? I don’t know if you realize this but we’ve got to break these ‘traditional’ strongholds.

There are too many homes, of Saints, in disarray because we don’t teach how to cast out demons, we don’t teach men and women how to effectively love nor do we offer confidential help to those in need. Yea, I know you say ‘resist the enemy’ but it’s hard and I need help. You say, ‘speak and it shall be’ but what do I say? Can I come to you for help or do I have to wait until the next deacon board meeting? Can I talk to the pastor or do I need an appointment? Understand, some things have to be done properly and in order but sometimes the traditional service won’t go as planned. I may be in the worst storm of my life and don’t have time to wait until “tradition” says I can petition the church for help. There are marriages on the brink of divorce, children on the edge of give up, sisters on suicide watch, brothers who are broken physically and spiritually, grandparents at their wit’s end, bishops who drink their sorrows away, teachers abusing our children, pastors on the verge of a mental breakdown and ministers still in the closet so they destroy a woman’s self-esteem and tradition can’t fix it. Beloved, when the traditions are suffocating the Holy Spirit out the church and the people, they need to be broken. This is why the bible says in Colossians 2:8, “See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the elemental spiritual forces of this world rather than on Christ.”

Breaking traditions

Published by Pastor LaKisha

LaKisha Johnson is an author of thirty Christian Fiction novels, devotionals and journals. She writes from her heart, as she hopes the messages, on the pages, will relate to every reader.  Ask her and she’ll tell you, ”It’s not just writing, its ministry.” Over the course of her career, she’s won the 2018 Drunken Druid Book of the Year Award for her book, The Forgotten Wife, 2019 Top Shelf Christian Fiction Book of the Year for Dear God: Hear my Prayer, 2020 Distinguished Authors Guild Award for her book, I’m Not Crazy and was a 2020 TopShelf Women’s Fiction Finalist for her book, When the Vows Break. In addition to being a self-published author, she’s also a wife of 22 years, mother of 2, Asst. Pastor of Macedonia MB Church in Hollywood, MS; Sr. Business Analyst with FedEx, Devotional Blogger and more. She’s a college graduate with 2 Associate Degrees in IT and a Bachelor of Science in Bible.   LaKisha writes from the heart, and this is why she doesn’t take the credit for what God does. If you were to strip away everything, you’d see that Lakisha is simply a woman who boldly, unapologetically and gladly loves and works for God.

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