Daily Devotional – 2/2/16 “Where is your if?”

It’s another Tuesday and someone is in the midst of your struggle. Yea, it’s another month yet you’re still struggling with the bills of last month. Yea, you paced a little while last night, you laid down with tears staining your pillow and worrying clouding your thoughts but don’t allow it to take you out of this thang. No, I’m not about to tell you to hold on because sometimes there’s a blessing in letting go. No, I won’t tell you to get out of our pity, to stop crying, to stop wallowing because sometimes it’s needed. Just don’t stay there and don’t look like what you’re going through because you don’t have to look like your struggle! Oh but what I will tell you to do is pray, fast and pray some more. But when you pray, stop saying if God will because God is not a man who works on if.

If is defined as a conjunction used to indicate circumstances that would have to exist in order for an event to happen. What do I mean? Blessing will come down if I send praises up. I’ll get knowledge if I study God’s word. It shall be given if I ask in faith. God will answer if I seek Him. The door shall be open if I knock. It can happen if I believe. It goes further. I can get healthy if I work out and eat right. I may get a job if I apply for it. I can get my destiny if I tap into it. And God’s grace will be sufficient if I just believe. Mark 9:22, when a father brings his son to Jesus to heal, he says, “…But if You can do anything, take pity on us and help us!” Jesus makes it plain and simple in Mark 9:23 when He answers, “What do you mean, ‘If I can’?” Jesus asked. “Anything is possible if a person believes.” ANYTHING is possible IF you believe. You see the difference? If we depended solely on us, we’d never get out our storm, valley or pit, we’d never stop crying long enough to climb that mountain or get our deliverance. If it depended on us, we’d still be a filthy rag not worth wringing out. Oh but I’m so grateful that God doesn’t look at our grammatical mistakes but He looks at what He’s placed in us. For God says we can move mountains if we have mustard seed size faith. Where are you placing your if?

Published by Pastor LaKisha

LaKisha Johnson is an author of thirty Christian Fiction novels, devotionals and journals. She writes from her heart, as she hopes the messages, on the pages, will relate to every reader.  Ask her and she’ll tell you, ”It’s not just writing, its ministry.” Over the course of her career, she’s won the 2018 Drunken Druid Book of the Year Award for her book, The Forgotten Wife, 2019 Top Shelf Christian Fiction Book of the Year for Dear God: Hear my Prayer, 2020 Distinguished Authors Guild Award for her book, I’m Not Crazy and was a 2020 TopShelf Women’s Fiction Finalist for her book, When the Vows Break. In addition to being a self-published author, she’s also a wife of 22 years, mother of 2, Asst. Pastor of Macedonia MB Church in Hollywood, MS; Sr. Business Analyst with FedEx, Devotional Blogger and more. She’s a college graduate with 2 Associate Degrees in IT and a Bachelor of Science in Bible.   LaKisha writes from the heart, and this is why she doesn’t take the credit for what God does. If you were to strip away everything, you’d see that Lakisha is simply a woman who boldly, unapologetically and gladly loves and works for God.

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