Destiny Nugget

The only reason the devil is bringing up your past is to make you abort the purposed potential God has given you for this present time. Yes, you’ve made mistakes.Yes, you’re making mistakes.Yes, you’ve sinned.Yes, you’re in sin.Yes, you’re not perfect.Yes, you’ll mess up. However, God knows you (flaws and all) and He trust you.Continue reading “Destiny Nugget”

Daily Devotional – 8/29/18 “Four years + one day!”

I tried to write this on yesterday but God would not release it until today. A day whose date deemed worthy of displaying on my right wrist. See, it was four years + one day ago, on 8/28/2014, I stopped running from God’s call on my life but it would be the day after thatContinue reading “Daily Devotional – 8/29/18 “Four years + one day!””