6 great choices for your Fall reading list!

I was inspired by a fellow blogger and authoress on yesterday to give you 6 books that you should add to your reading list this fall (if you haven’t already). With the cold weather, what better way to curl up than with your favorite beverage, blanket and book? The Illest Na Na (Episode 1) byContinue reading “6 great choices for your Fall reading list!”

Blog Blitz!

BLOG BLITZ! BLOG BLITZ! BLOG BLITZ! BLOG BLITZ! BLOG BLITZ! That’s right! “A Secret Worth Keeping” will be part of a blog blitz on over 20 blogs this morning and I am so excited! Can’t you tell? I am very appreciative for Everything Marie for this amazing opportunity! Now, here is the list of myContinue reading “Blog Blitz!”

Book Reviewers and Book Clubs …

My first fiction novel, A Secret Worth Keeping, is now available! Isn’t that great news?? Now, I need your help! If you have a book club or if you are a member of a book club, this is a great book selection for your next available month. If you are a book reviewer, I wouldContinue reading “Book Reviewers and Book Clubs …”

Pre-Order A Secret Worth Keeping NOW!

Pre-Order A Secret Worth Keeping NOW! The count down begins to October 5, 2013! However, you don’t have to wait to order your copy of A Secret Worth Keeping because you can pre-order your copy today! Yes … Get your copy by clicking the link above. Go ahead, you know you want too! Click theContinue reading “Pre-Order A Secret Worth Keeping NOW!”

Author! That I am …

Never would I have imagined that I would be adding author to my resume! Oh but God had a plan all along and I am grateful for it. See, when I received the phone call that Delphine Publishing was interested in my book, I couldn’t do anything but thank Him. See, it’s not because ofContinue reading “Author! That I am …”