6 great choices for your Fall reading list!

I was inspired by a fellow blogger and authoress on yesterday to give you 6 books that you should add to your reading list this fall (if you haven’t already). With the cold weather, what better way to curl up than with your favorite beverage, blanket and book?

The Illest Na Na (Episode 1)
by Tamika Newhouse and Anna Black

The first ever drama series on eBooks is filled with sex, drama, scandals, and shocking twists that will have you on the edge of your seat. This season meet Brianna and Natalie. Best of friends but both deal with similar issues they both desire a man who isn’t actually theirs. Episode one- Meet the cast, get wrapped up in the sex, and guess the next secret as the drama unfolds as the Na Na rips havoc on these characters lives.

Heart of the Streets
by Chenae Glaze

Corinne is running from the pain of her past but she can’t seem to run fast enough. Jabari thought he had it all but even with everything, something is still missing. Follow Corinne and Jabari through the streets of Atlanta as she offers him a loyalty he’s never had and he showers her in a love she never knew existed!

Crimson Footprints II: New Beginnings
by Shewanda Pugh

An eleven-year-old boy hitchhikes 1500 miles from Bismarck to Miami; a prostitute yearns for escape from a prison of her own making, and the horrible secrets of a long-ago murder are unraveled in the shadows of one woman’s dreams. Lizzie Hammond is an ill-fated whore that believes in little, save her own ultimate demise. Kenji Tanaka is a pseudo-architect, content to hide in the shadows of his family’s overwhelming success. Neither can stand the other. But the appearance of a boy only rumored to be true helps them discover that two unlikely halves can fit together as the perfect whole. For Lizzie Hammond and Kenji Tanaka, redemption is found in the most unlikely of places: each other, even as the world around them disintegrates.

The Knife in my back 2
by Stacey Covington-Lee

After seven long years in state prison, Tameka Williams is being set free. Unfortunately, all of the anger and resentment that she’s lived with during her incarceration are being freed as well. While Brook Mansfield-Banks was not pleased with the idea of her mortal enemy being released, she was ready to defend her family and show Tameka that she was no longer the naïve pushover that she once was. But, Brook has forgotten just how deep Tameka’s wickedness runs. Now the fate of her child will once again be determined by Tameka Williams. Mia Purcell has always been the loving and supportive friend. She was there for Brook through all of her trials and tribulations. Now with her marriage falling apart, she’s the one that will need the strength of a true friend. There’s only one problem, her marital issues have a strange connection with Tameka. Mia and Tameka find themselves working together in order to uncover the truth about the men in their lives. But is this unlikely duo more than Brook can stand? She will have to dig deep and put her hatred for Tameka aside if she wants to be the friend that Mia desperately needs.

Black Magic: Book 3 of The Black Butterfly Series
by Nika Michelle

After dealing with relationship and family drama, murder accusations, near death experiences, media scrutiny, obsessed love interests, crazed ex-lovers, secret porn sites, and deep dark family secrets, what could the Beauvois sisters go through next? In Black Magic, the third installment of the Black Butterfly series, it all FINALLY hits the fan! Will fame suddenly become too much for these sassy divas? Or will they continue to fight the demons that threaten to destroy them?

The Ultimate No-No 4
by Tamika Newhouse

Nitrah Hill was finally happy, that was until she got the call that a former friend was found murdered in her hometown. Forced to return to Fort Worth she is faced with her lives past secrets, regrets, and mistakes. Leaning on her friend Jazzaray for strength they both are faced with the ultimate betrayal that suddenly starts to make everything fall into place. When Dahlia returns to town she comes to blows with her own demons. When her former love is thrown back into her life she must face the fact that her mistakes that ruined everyone s lives must be made right. That means; she must take destiny into her own hands, including facing her friends murderer.

Again, these are just 6 of the top books on my Kindle that I know you will enjoy. And as always, please pick up a copy of my book, A Secret Worth Keeping at Amazon.

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