Author! That I am …

Never would I have imagined that I would be adding author to my resume! Oh but God had a plan all along and I am grateful for it. See, when I received the phone call that Delphine Publishing was interested in my book, I couldn’t do anything but thank Him. See, it’s not because of me; it’s not about me but it’s about the gift that God has blessed me with. So, yes; Me, little ole me, a nobody by the world’s standards, an African-American, raised in the ghetto by a single mom, counted out as just another statistic, cast down as just another person in this mean world who wasn’t expected to be nothing has exceeded the expectations of many to become an AUTHOR!

I am the newest author of Delphine Publications of Atlanta, GA. One that was founded by another African-American young lady, Tamika Newhouse simply because she didn’t give up. You can visit her website Delphine Publications to see her many works and the works of those under her and become wowed just like I was.

I am a living witness that your goals are attainable if you don’t give up. Don’t ever allow anyone to stop you from dreaming but when you wake up, make that dream into a reality.

ASWK Postcard (Front)ASWK Postcard (Back)

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