Daily Devotional – 11/20/14 “Stop judging!”

I find it so irritating that human beings can be so judgmental of other human beings when we ALL make mistakes. I mean, I’ve looked around and I haven’t found one perfect person walking among us in the flesh yet we; (us, folk, people, man or woman, doesn’t matter what ethnicity box you check); gotContinue reading “Daily Devotional – 11/20/14 “Stop judging!””

Daily Devotional – 8/9/13 “Stop judging me!”

Why do you find it easy to put your mouth on folk? Why do you find it cool to talk about somebody else? Why do you feel the need to comment about everything and everybody? Aren’t you old enough now to be acting your age and not your shoe size? Yea, I know you mayContinue reading “Daily Devotional – 8/9/13 “Stop judging me!””