The Family that Lies Excerpt

Merci “No Mother dear, I do not know where your precious Grayce is.” “Yes, I am still here but the answer is still the same: I don’t know where she is and you asking again won’t change that!” I say, raising my voice. I hear the alarm chirp and just when I am about toContinue reading “The Family that Lies Excerpt”

Ms. Nice Nasty: Cam’s Confession – Preorder Available

Good news, great news actually:: My newest baby, Ms. Nice Nasty, Cam’s Confession is now available for Pre-Order!! I know right! I am so excited. I hope each of you are just as excited as I am. It’s only $0.99 and it will be available on or before 9/18/15! This 11K word special edition isContinue reading “Ms. Nice Nasty: Cam’s Confession – Preorder Available”