Ms. Nice Nasty 2 – Whatcha think?

Didn’t your mother teach you that actions have consequences?

For Camille, her dream job has landed in her lap but it’s at the worst possible time in her life. Her already shaky marriage is crumbling before her eyes, then add in her husband’s pregnant side chick and all the skeletons in her closet; she may be in over her head!

After accepting her new position, she’s looking to celebrate a silver lining in the chaos of her life but revenge comes knocking, HARD. On the night of her celebratory party, she comes face to face with a gun and the last person she’d ever expect to be holding it. Now she has to get out, alive, without alerting the media and the ballroom full of people waiting downstairs?

Just when she thought she could handle all the scandalous secrets she’s been hiding, they all start hitting her at once. What will it take for her to open her eyes? Therapy hasn’t done it but maybe a near death experience for someone she loves or the unexpected death of a loved one, will. Or is it simply too late? Has her actions left her with more consequences than she can conquer or can she survive with her mind, marriage and career intact?

Find out in the series finale of Ms. Nice Nasty!