Daily Devotional – 5/26/16 “Thank you!”

Thank you! Yes, you … thank you. Thank you for choosing to read my devotionals, thank you for looking to me for a word of encouragement and thank you for believing in me. See, I’ve realized, sometimes you just need to tell folk thank you. Don’t wait until they do something for you, show themContinue reading “Daily Devotional – 5/26/16 “Thank you!””

Daily Devotional – 11/30/12 “I’m forever thankful!”

Now, you would have thought that I’d be out of reasons to be thankful but nope, not in this lifetime! Yea, you’re questioning what else I could possibly have to be thankful for? Well, glad you asked so let me tell you. I’m thankful because I could be in a relationship with a man whoContinue reading “Daily Devotional – 11/30/12 “I’m forever thankful!””

Daily Devotional – 11/24/11 “Stop complaining!”

There was once this man who always complained.  There was nothing that could please him and he always found fault in everybody but himself.  He complained about his job, family, house, car, gas prices, weather and anything that he could think of.  He woke up on Thanksgiving morning to a house filled with noise fromContinue reading “Daily Devotional – 11/24/11 “Stop complaining!””

Daily Devotional – 10/27/11 “What’s your attitude?”

While having a conversation with my teenager on last night, I tried to explain to her that not everything she wants will always be within her grasp.  I had to tell, this child that because you expect things to happen doesn’t necessarily mean they will.  Then I thought about the different attitudes of folk.  SomeContinue reading “Daily Devotional – 10/27/11 “What’s your attitude?””