Daily Devotional – 12/18/14 “God’s favor!”

On 12/18/12 I wrote a devotional titled, “Why me” and in it I spoke about how we sometimes question the purpose or the portion (from yesterday’s devotional) that God gives us and the sad part about it is, some of us are still questioning the same purpose today. Think about it! God has given somebodyContinue reading “Daily Devotional – 12/18/14 “God’s favor!””

Daily Devotional – 10/09/12 “God’s favor!”

Stop feeling like you’re inadequate (not deserving) to be where you are because you’ve been placed there for a purpose! Yea, see; you’re looking at the folks around you who seem to have more experience on paper but you’ve been experienced through grace. They may even have the years under their belt but you haveContinue reading “Daily Devotional – 10/09/12 “God’s favor!””