Daily Devotional – 2/4/15 “Are you willing?”

I sometimes go back and look at some of the devotionals I’ve written over the years and it still amazes me at the things God has allowed to manifest through me. There I was minding my own business, wasn’t thinking about being a writer, a blogger, an encourager, a bible study teacher, get this …Continue reading “Daily Devotional – 2/4/15 “Are you willing?””

Daily Devotional – 11/5/14 “It starts with me!”

God has places for us to go, things for us to do, people for us to help save, lives to help restore and even blessings with our name on them yet we won’t get out of our own way to be useable. Yea, God has work for us to do but we have to firstContinue reading “Daily Devotional – 11/5/14 “It starts with me!””