Daily Devotional – 9/10/14 “Love doesn’t hurt!”

I am not about to jump on the bandwagon of bashing men over domestic violence or blaming women who stay in abusive relationships because I’ve never been in a position to ever get out of one so I don’t know how one feels. However I do know this … LOVE DOES NOT HURT! Yes, wordsContinue reading “Daily Devotional – 9/10/14 “Love doesn’t hurt!””

Daily Devotional – 2/14/13 “Don’t let today ruin tomorrow!”

Yea, it’s Valentine’s Day but it has always been God’s day so start by thanking Him. Now, before your attitude gets rude because you didn’t get what you wanted for Valentine’s Day, sit back and think about the things that your spouse or significant other do every other day of the year. See, love shouldContinue reading “Daily Devotional – 2/14/13 “Don’t let today ruin tomorrow!””