Shattered Vows Box Set

Did you read When the Vows Break series? No? 🙄 What about Shattered? 🤔 Tense? 😐


Don’t worry, I won’t hold it against you because now, you can read the entire series of Camille, Ray, Lyn, Kerri, Chloe and Shelby in 1 book. 😱

Yes honey! 🤩🥳

You can download the Shattered Series Box Set with Kindle Unlimited or for $5.00 and get …

• When the Vows Break
• When the Vows Break 2
• When the Vows Break 3
• Shattered
• Shattered 2
• Tense

😱 You’re shocked too?

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Shattered Series Box Set

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Shattered Series Box Set

Infidelity Excerpt

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Chapter Excerpt — Lauren

I’ve been trying to talk to Natalie, but she’s still ignoring my calls and only sending short replies to text, so I’ve decided to drive out to her house, tomorrow after church. Tonight, I’m attending a party thrown by one of my biggest clients. Getting off the elevator I run into Lynette.

“Wow look at you,” she sings with her southern accent. “You look great for a person who ignores a friend.”

“I’m sorry, what?”

“You’ve been ignoring me, and I don’t like that. I thought we were friends.”

“Lady I’ve only met you once and while I appreciate the rocking chair, what I don’t is you going through my phone.”

“You’re right,” she smiles, “I’m sorry. Can we start over?”

“How about we leave things as they are. Have a great night.”

“Bitch,” I hear her mumble when I walk off.

After mingling with a few people, talking business and listening to lame jokes; I’m on the dance floor when my eyes lock with Noah. Quickly turning, I finish the line dance before stopping by the bar.

“I was starting to think you didn’t live in Memphis anymore,” he chuckles walking up.

“Noah, hey,” I smile taking the cranberry juice from the bartender.

He leans in to hug me and I allow him too.

“Hmm, you smell great,” he says releasing me. “How have you been?”

“I’ve been good and you?”

“Same. I haven’t seen you at the coffee shop or anywhere for that matter. Are you dodging me?”

“I don’t have a reason to dodge you. I have a life and career that keeps me very busy.”

“Let me find out you’re cheating on me with Starbucks.”

I look at him and laugh.

“It really is great to see you Lauren. You’re look good,” he eyes me, “very good.”

“Thanks. Um, how’s the family?”

“I miss you,” he walks closer to me, touching my cheek and ignoring the question.

“Where is your wife?” I ask swatting his hand away.

“She went to visit her parents in London. Why? Do you miss her more than me?”

“Very funny. I don’t miss you or her.”

“You’re lying,” he says looking down at my nipples that are showing through my dress.

“Goodbye Noah.”

I sit the glass on the bar and walk towards the elevator.

“You’ll eventually have to face me one day,” he says from behind me.

“Yeah, why is that?” I press the button.

“You’re having my baby,” he states loud enough for the people exiting the elevator to hear.

I look over my shoulder to see Lynette staring, so I grab him by his tie and pull him inside before the doors close.

“Why would you do that knowing we’re both married? I work with these people and that was uncalled for and embarrassing.”

“Then stop ignoring me.”

“Grow up,” I bellow, continually pushing the button for the lobby.

“It’s not going to come any faster.”

I close my eyes, silently cursing for being on the top floor of the Clark Tower.

“I miss you,” he says getting close enough for me to feel his lips on the back of my neck.


“I’m only greeting an old friend.”

When his hand touches the small of my back, I turn to face him, and he kisses me. The elevator dings.

I push him away and walk out.

“Lauren, please.”

I stop without turning around.

“We can’t do this Noah.”

“All I need is one more time and I promise to leave you alone.”

I keep walking. Getting to my car, I lock the doors and I lay my head back on the seat before starting the car. My phone dings with a text.

Noah Green: 11001 River Trace, gate code #980

Thirty minutes later, I’m standing outside the condo. I raise my hand to knock then decide against it. Turning to leave, the door opens.

“Don’t leave,” Noah pleads.

“We can’t do this. It’s wrong,” is what my lips say but my legs are walking inside.

“One more time,” he whispers into my ear.

I close my eyes from the shocks going through my body.

“Let me have you tonight then I’ll let you go,” he says.

The next morning, I’m standing in the mirror of my bathroom, replaying that night with Noah. Yes, okay yes, I had sex with him and it was good. I smile while twisting the toothbrush in my mouth until my watch vibrates with the daily scripture from YouVersion Bible app.

“No temptation has overtaken you except such as is common to man; but God is faithful…”

I press dismiss on the message.

“Really God?” I say looking toward the ceiling. “I know I’ve made a mess of things yet again, but do you have to be so blatant with the messaging. I said I wouldn’t commit adultery again, forgive me. Take away my shame and give me strength not to fall into temptation again. My spirit is willing, but my flesh is weak. Help me to hold out, God. Amen.”

I finish getting ready for the day. Getting into my car, I dial Natalie’s number. She’s still not answering my call.

“Sorry, but the person you called has a voicemail box that is not setup—”

I hang up and send her a text.

ME: You’re going to have to talk to me eventually. If you don’t call me back today, I’m coming over.

Waiting a few minutes, she doesn’t respond. I put the phone into the center console and start my day. After church, I stop by Starbucks to get a peppermint mocha, water and southwest veggie wrap. While waiting, I respond to a few emails then I log into Carnival Cruise’s website. It’s about time I take a vacation. Picking up the phone I dial Natalie’s number again to see if she’ll join me.

“Sorry, but the person you called has a voicemail box that is not setup—”

“Ugh,” I say pressing the end button. “This is ridiculous.”

I gather my things, deposit my trash in the garbage and head for my car. Twenty minutes later, I get off at the exit for Natalie’s house. Walking up to the door, I ring the doorbell and knock.

“Natalie,” I repeat a few times before using my key to go inside.

The alarm chirps but it’s not armed which means she’s home.

“God,” I gag grabbing my nose. “What’s that smell? Natalie.” I start to panic. “Natalie,” I yell rushing to the master bedroom where the smell is the worse. “Oh my God,” I scream. “No.”

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The harder the struggle

Recently, I’ve started doing 60 second devotional vlogs on Tik Tok (a social media platform). It was never my intent to start yet another thing, but God would see differently. I’m so glad my plans are not God’s plans. Yes, it’s entitled #DearSis but I believe it can be helpful to men too.

I’m sharing today’s devotional minute in the hopes it’ll help someone to know your struggle isn’t in vain. See, we sometimes curse our struggle, turn our back on God and become angry at everything and everybody. However, I’ve come to understand, the harder the struggle of the vine makes better the wine.

If you have a minute, check it out and if you’re on Tik Tok, follow me. To read the devotional from 2018 on this subject, click HERE.

Don’t give up, it’s not in vain.

1“I am the true grapevine, and my Father is the gardener. 2He cuts off every branch of mine that doesn’t produce fruit, and he prunes the branches that do bear fruit so they will produce even more. 3You have already been pruned and purified by the message I have given you. 4Remain in me, and I will remain in you. For a branch cannot produce fruit if it is severed from the vine, and you cannot be fruitful unless you remain in me.” — John 15:1-4

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Hey! Tonight, I’ll be the guest of Kickin’ It With KeKe. It will air tonight on Instagram Live at 8 PM at CST.

Topic: Taking A Minute To Have A Moment (Stopping to Breathe and Forget It)

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