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For Savannah Graft, she’s been dealt some heavy blows in her lifetime, but has managed to overcome them. Now, happily married to her husband, Pastor Shane Graft, mother to Kennedi and Baby Shane, First Lady of Victory Temple and the owner of SG Graphics; life is good.

Until one morning, she woke up different. She isn’t herself, yet she can’t see it. She recognizes something is wrong, but she can’t explain it. All she knows and continually says, I’m not crazy. Truthfully, she isn’t she’s depressed.
She is not carzy, she depressed, she is unwell. I am so happy that I came across this book, we often don’t talk about mental illness but I am glad the author brought out an important issue through a very well written fictional tale. The protagonist character of the book is suffering from depression, she is in a place where many of…

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Take the time.

I work a corporate job with FedEx. Those of you who are “FedExers” know you have to use your vacation time by May 31st. I didn’t because with this pandemic and working from home, vacation hasn’t been on my mind, so I had 40 hours that carried over. The only catch, the time had to be used within 90 days. Again, I forget which meant I had to take the last days of August.

Here’s the blessing, this coincided with my Grams getting sicker and I got the chance to spend the last two weeks of her earthly life with her. Y’all, I’m so glad I did. There were memories made with her, my mom, aunts, uncles, sisters and cousins that wouldn’t have happened otherwise. We got to hear Grams tell stories, there were times we’d laugh all night and others were emotional. I got to hear her say how proud she was of me, how much she loved me and I even have some videos to hear her voice.

Why am I sharing this? Truth is, in a way it’s therapeutic because I find myself wanting to scream from the pain of losing her. Understand, I’m not overly sad, but I do miss her. I don’t want you to feel sorry or think of me with pity, Grams lived to be 90 and I rejoice for that. I’m sharing this, not because I’m in a bad head space or can’t deal with my grief, but as a reminder for you to take the time.

Some of you have been contemplating whether you should take a day off, go on that vacation, spend time with family or friends, etc. Take the time. Even if you don’t leave home or have anything planned, take the time. While you’re taking the time; take pictures, take videos, take a walk, take a break … just don’t take a moment for granted.

“How do you know what your life will be like tomorrow? Your life is like the morning fog—it’s here a little while, then it’s gone.” – James 4:14

Are you a HERoine Addict?

Did you know I have a journal titled, HERoine Addict? No, not the drug, but the HERoine you’re destined to be. The woman who is admired by others, who is held in high regard, who is favorable and filled with courage. The woman who is honorable and of good quality.

HERoine – a woman admired or idealized for her courage, outstanding achievements or noble qualities.

In this journal, we’ve taken the word HERoine and broken it down, explaining the meaning of each word and how they relate to you.

H – Habitable

E – Embody

R – Refine

O – Outward

I – Inward

N – Notwithstanding

E – Effectual

When they are broken down, they may not mean much, yet together they help you become addicted to YOU … the HERoine!

If you love journals, you can purchase it in paperback (2 sizes), by clicking HERE

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It’s been a month

It’s been a month since I last pinned a devotional on this blog. Isn’t it funny how fast time moves? I’m often reminded that time waits for nobody and this is why I suggest one thing to you … TAKE NOTHING FOR GRANTED!

If you follow me on social media, then you may know that my Grams passed away on September 6, 2020. She was the matriarch of our family and her passing, even at 90 years old, affects us deeply. You’ve heard me mention her in sermons and devotionals and you may even know the influence she has on my life, now she’s gone. Am I sad? Yes, but I’m grateful that she’s not suffering and I got to spend the last 2 weeks with her.

Anyway, allow me to change the subject before I become a mess of tears. I didn’t come with any particular subject in mind, I simply wanted you to know I haven’t forgotten about you. I’ll be back posting devotionals soon.

In the meantime, I want to share with you our virtual Bible study from last night. There’s so much going on and others who are hurt, grieving, broken, hopeless and in need and due to this, last night’s virtual service was prayer. I’m sharing it, in the hope that it’ll help someone else to know, you aren’t alone.

You can view the video by clicking HERE

In all things give thanks!

I’m Not Crazy by Lakisha Johnson


Title: I’m Not Crazy

Author: Lakisha Johnson

Format: Kindle

Rating: 4.5/5

I’m Not Crazy is the first book that I have read written by the author Lakisha Johnson. The main character of the story is Savannah Graft. Her life was beautiful until depression hit her. She is a mother of two kids and wife of her husband Pastor Shane.

Mental Health is an issue that people avoid to discuss but with proper care and help, one can easily overcome it. Savannah’s not sleeping, eating barely and her changing moods made Pastor worried.

The depression that Savannah was having is the Postpartum Depression. It is a serious mood disorder. But the good thing is that it is treatable.

This book involves various definitions and is insightful. One may get to know a lot about Postpartum Depression and the behavior of one who is suffering from it. This book is an eye…

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