Will you have time?

I share this every year because sometimes you need the reminder to TAKE THE TIME!!

She had the house, the finest car, and the custom-made clothes. She was top of her graduating class and her business was booming. She vowed to never go back to the place she was raised because it had nothing for her. Sure, she sent money home to her parents, but all the siblings had to know it. Sure, she made the occasional calls to brag, never to ask about them. When her mom got sick, she sent flowers. When her sister was losing her house, she sent a check with conditions. She never made time for anybody or anything unless it benefited her, even God. Yes, she joined a church, but not to serve, she liked the honorable mentions of being the biggest tithe payer.

Then a stroke knocked and it crippled her. The people at the church didn’t show up and neither did her employees, but her family did. The same parents she hollered at whenever they asked her to come home. The same brother she “didn’t fool with” because of prior drug use. The sister she called a slut for having two babies out of wedlock. They were there wiping the mouth that had been so foul and helping her learn to walk again even though she used to walk all over them. They even helped with speech therapy, although she never had anything good to say.

One night as she lay in the bedroom she grew up in, trying to find the strength to make her left arm move, she cried. Not because of the stroke but because of the space she’d allowed to grow between her and her family. She wanted to hug them but it was hard to do now. So she cried, realizing the money she made didn’t mean anything because all they wanted was her. She cried because the bragging she did couldn’t bless her, the hating couldn’t heal her and the fancy stuff couldn’t free her. And now, the bible she never read lay stretched open on her nightstand, and the God she’d forsaken, she now prayed to. Thanking Him for the chance to make things right.

See, sis had time because this story isn’t real but what about you? Do you have the time to forgive, forget and make things right before your clock runs out? Will you have the time to say, “I forgive me,” “I forgive you,” “I love you,” “I’m sorry,” or will your ego keep you from evolving and your pride hinders you from offering peace? Will you have the time before 2021 closes? Will you have the time to make it right before you’re holding a body that can’t speak back or weeping at a casket that’ll soon close?

“Yet you do not know what tomorrow will bring. What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes.” – James 4:14

Merry Christmas

I don’t know what this Christmas has been like for you. Maybe all is well. Maybe life is good. However, with the uncertainty and ever-changing pandemic, sickness, pain, grief, and loss these things can overshadow the life, love, and laughter of the holiday season.

Will you do me a favor? Will you pray (for guidance and strength), get up (because you’re alive), put on some clothes (because there’s hope), eat (for strength), worship (to change your atmosphere), and enjoy your day? Will you lay aside every weight, if only for today? Will you believe things won’t always be like this?

Merry Christmas!


It’s the grace for me

Somebody is facing a tough situation right now. You don’t know why it showed up at your house or how it got your name and number, but it did. You’ve tried to figure out why the enemy has shown up looking, talking, and dressing like your cousin, why the lies being spread are coming from somebody you considered a friend, why a rock was thrown from your sibling’s hand, or why no one is willing to defend you, this time, not even your parent.

Now, it’s playing with your emotional and mental well-being because you’re angry and on the verge of revenge. Surely, they deserve it right? Yep, they might, but you aren’t the one to give it.

Look beloved, this may be hard to read and harder to digest but sometimes you have to extend grace to folk, you feel don’t deserve it. Why? Because God has given you grace when you didn’t. You have to understand, well you don’t but you should, people are who they are. You can’t force people to treat you like YOU treat them. You can’t expect a YOU from folk because well, they aren’t you.

Yes, some will treat you right, don’t get it twisted. However, some won’t. Stop trying to force people to be on the level you are when they aren’t. Stop trying to get people to react the way you would, they aren’t you. Stop applying your expectations to a situation or person because this is when you will get your feelings hurt.

What you do instead, extend grace. What do you mean by extending grace? Not treating folk how they deserve. Understand, you don’t have to deal with them anymore, but you also don’t have to hate them, wish bad on their life or seek revenge. God got it like He has you.

“And if by grace, then it cannot be based on works; if it were, grace would no longer be grace.” — Romans 11:6

It’s the grace for me!

Finally Friday

Happy Friday! I pray your week, thus far, has been blessed and filled with God’s favor. Even if you’ve happened to face some uncertainty, sickness, denials, sin, hurt, etc,. know that God is still God. This means, He can turn things around.

I know you’re wondering why I titled this Finally Friday. Well, it’s because tonight I’ll be joining the Women’s Ministry of Cedar Christian Church for their annual Finally Friday, Code Red (Removing Every Distraction) Fellowship and I’m inviting you to be my guest.

Don’t worry, it’s happening over zoom. The time is 7 PM EST/6 PM CST. So, invite a few friends and pop in.

Details on the flier below.

They Aren’t

You’ve lost your job and no matter where you go you can’t seem to find one. You’ve put in, what seems like, 100 applications and nothing has come through. You and your family are staying with someone else and although you’re grateful for the roof, four walls, floor and amenities, there’s nothing like having your own. But what can you do? Then on top of everything, they keep making it known this isn’t your house and God, don’t you know it. Now, you’re at your wits end. Laying with your back turned from everyone, every night, so they don’t hear or see your tears. You’re beginning to believe your prayers are in vain.

They aren’t.

Bible tells us in Psalm 34:15, (Amplified Bible) “The eyes of the LORD are toward the righteous [those with moral courage and spiritual integrity] And His ears are open to their cry.”

Sure, maybe you haven’t been doing everything right, but God hasn’t forgotten about you. Maybe there were times you went outside of God’s will, but God hasn’t forgotten about you. Here’s what you do. Repent, turn again, try again, and ask again. This time, ask with specifics, prepare like it’s on the way and worship like it’s already been received.

This isn’t only about jobs. Apply this to relationships, businesses, goals etc. Look baby, we ain’t time to be sitting around mopping and crying. Keep putting in job applications, keep applying, keep working, keep faithing this thang and keep believing. Now isn’t the time to lose hope because where God has placed life, He’s also put hope. You simply need to tap into it.

Now faith is the assurance (title deed, confirmation) of things hoped for (divinely guaranteed), and the evidence of things not seen [the conviction of their reality—faith comprehends as fact what cannot be experienced by the physical senses]. – Hebrews 11:1