Let us pray …

Our Father, whose name is Holy and worthy to be praised. I know sometimes we aren’t worthy of asking yet you still provide, forgive, and bless us. Thank you for loving us even when we’re too selfish to love others. Thank you for covering us even in our mess. Thank you, God, for paying a debt we’d never be able to repay.

Now, I petition your throne for me and the mother who doesn’t think you’re hearing her prayer, the daddy who’s been away from you and afraid to call your name, the sister who’s in pain and can’t get a word out, the brother who’s struggling just to live, the pastor who pressing but feels it’s in vain and the person who’s contemplating suicide because it hurts too much to live. Help, God.

For those grieving from loss, hear their cry and comfort, God. For the communities affected by senseless violence, strengthen God. For those with governmental power who willfully ignore the plight of this land, deal with them swiftly. God, raise a people who will cry aloud and spare not. God, raise a people who truly desire to serve and not just satisfy personal agendas.

God, let Your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. Give us daily bread to strengthen our weak places. Then, oh God forgive us for the daily sins keeping us from being like you, the faults we so blindly hold on to, the hate we’ve carried for years, and the debt consuming our lives.

God, don’t allow us to fall into temptation. Deliver us from the hands, mouths, and arms of the evil ones who have us trapped by fear and lies. Set us free from the things that keep us from you. Destroy chains of circumstances, the bondage of burdens, handcuffs of hatred, shackles of self-doubt, and governing generational curses. Cast out sickness and disease, sexual and spousal abuse, and addictions. You said if your people who are called by your name would humble themselves, seek your face and turn from their wicked ways; you’d come and see about us.

Well, here I am asking you to come and see about your children. Our cities need you, the killings have to stop, the police brutality and killings have to cease, and the burying of our children has to end. We need you, Father for yours is the kingdom and you are the power and the glory, forever.


Is it expired?

Do you use spoiled milk? Do you use old oil in your car’s motor? Will you eat or feed your family molded meat? Do old batteries still operate the remote? Will the resident manager allow you to stay in an apartment whose lease has expired?

Then why are you trying to force something to work that’s beyond its expiration? The car, job, relationship, assignment, apartment/house, church, business, etc. Baby, if it ain’t working, if it can’t be repaired or its value is less than what you’re putting in … it may be time to call time of death. Here’s the part that may hurt to read. You CANNOT force something that no longer has the potential to be or do what you need.

It’s like this old charging cord I used to have for my phone. It was old, old. I mean, child, it was so old most of the protective coating had worn off, the wires were exposed and the only way it’d work, I had to lay it a certain way. Yet, I was trusting that cord. Until one day when I really needed it and it didn’t work. Talk about heartbroken. Yet, it wasn’t the cord’s fault, it was mine.

See, the cord had done what it was supposed to, I was the one having a hard time letting it go. And it’s not like I couldn’t get a new one, I was simply comfortable and I can admit, lazy. Until I was forced to get off my butt when in a predicament the cord couldn’t help with. Some of you, you’ve been in my shoes. Holding on to people and things way past the expiration because you’re comfortable and/or too lazy to change.

How’s that working for you?

I get it. Who wants to start over when it’s hard, scary, and time-consuming? Who wants to start over when you’ve put all this time into “this/that?” On the flip side, who wants to find themselves in a situation, stranded with no help? Yes, starting over is hard, but it can also be the peace and new beginning you’ve been praying for. Sure, it’s going to hurt, you may shed a few tears, have to process the reality of it ending, and even grieve but baby the healing that happens on the other side is worth it.

Ask yourself today, is what I’m looking at expired or is it still beneficial to my health?

Get up! Pick up your mat and walk!

I don’t know who needs to hear this but getting up is going to be one of the hardest things you’ll have to do today. Somebody, once you get up you have to deal with the funeral arrangements, hurt and grief of losing a loved one. Somebody else, getting up means having to face the reality of the relationship ending. Somebody else, getting up means looking at the debt that didn’t disappear while you tossed and turned last night. Somebody else, it’s another day of sickness that won’t leave you alone. Somebody else, it’s the spiritual war you’ve been fighting or the call on your life you’ve tried to ignore. Somebody else, it’s this or that but you have to get up.

Yes, it hurts but getting up is necessary to your survival. You don’t have to believe me, but have you ever had to get up after surgery while pain coursed through your body? Do you remember how much it hurt while the doctor and/or nurses told you how essential it was to your healing? See, doctors need you to move, even while in pain to prevent blood clots, to reduce swelling, decrease gas pain and weakness and it’s good for your lungs.

Getting up is hard and it hurts, but walking promotes the flow of oxygen throughout your body, it sustains normal breathing function, it strengthens your muscle tone, and it reminds you that you’re alive. Being alive means there’s still a remnant of hope for you to hold onto. When Jesus met the man at the pool of Bethesda who couldn’t get himself into the water to be healed, He told Him, “Rise, take up thy bed, and walk,” because although this man’s faith played a part, his healing came by getting up.

Why am I sharing this? For somebody who dreaded getting up today. Ma’am/sir, I don’t know what you have to face today, but I pray your strength to get up even if it causes pain to course through your body. Ma’am/sir, I don’t know what you’re trying to avoid but get up because it’s not going away on its own. Get up, it’s the only way you can deal with it. Ma’am/sir, get up even while it hurts because it’s necessary to your healing. And while you get up, I’m going to pray your faith doesn’t fail.

Ay … Issa New Book Alert

It’s been a minute since I’ve released a book and well, that’s over now because … Almost Destroyed is now available.

What’s it about? Glad you asked.

Ava Gentry met Andre, thirteen years ago, when he was the officer who responded the night she was attacked. Years later, he’s still treating her like that scared and broken girl with no self-esteem in need of saving. Every chance he gets, he tries to destroy her with his words and actions leaving her feeling unworthy of love and respect.

The sad reality was it wasn’t the first time she’s felt this way. From being abused by her grandfather to even worse foster homes; suffering has almost destroyed her identity and ability to love herself.

But she’s had enough.

Finally standing up for herself, Andre throws her out, destroying her belongings while almost destroying her. On her own and starting over, she realizes the first thing she needs, besides a place to stay and a job is a relationship with God. Yet, things prove harder than she ever imagined, especially when trouble won’t let go, and neither will Andre.

In Almost Destroyed, follow Ava’s journey from heartache and brokenness to restoration and finding the strength to love herself again.



“Can we start over?” Andre asks.

“This conversation? Sure.”

“No, our relationship. Boo, I’ve made a lot of mistakes concerning you, especially the way I talked to and treated you. I took your presence for granted and now, if you’ll give me the chance, I will make things right. I’ll be a better man and well, here. I have something for you.” He smiles.

I place the napkin in my lap and take the envelope. Opening it, I shake my head.

“A $500 gift card?”

“I know it doesn’t cover everything I destroyed, but it’s a start and I promise to replace your computer too.”

“I’ve already replaced the computer but thank you.” I say putting the card in my purse.

“How? I thought you didn’t have money.”

“No, you assumed.”

We sit in silence as I finish the appetizer before pushing the plate away. “Andre, what’s my favorite color?”

His brows crease. “Um, white.”

“Green. What’s my middle name?”

“Janice, no Jackie.” He snaps his finger, excitedly.

“Justine. When is my birthday?”

“Why are you asking me all this?”

I pause while our food is put in front of us.

“Is there anything else you need?” Fred inquires.

We both nod, no.


“Because you don’t know me. Andre, you don’t miss me. You miss what I do for you. The cooking, cleaning, paying bills and the sex. Any other time I’m fat, ugly, uneducated, sleeping my way to the top and nobody would ever want me. Today, I’m boo. Okay.” I laugh cutting into my steak. “Since we’re laying everything on the table, let’s be all the way real. You’ve never loved or hell, even liked me unless there was something in it for you. It didn’t matter how much I tried or gave it was never enough. Now, I’m supposed to accept the new you who magically appeared in three weeks when you’ve had thirteen years? No thank you. Pass the steak sauce.”

“You’re right. I didn’t put any effort into our relationship because, honestly, I didn’t believe I had too. Ava, you never required me to show you anything else.”

I chuckle. “So, it’s still my fault? If I was in the hospital, unable to tell the doctors and nurses how to care for me, does that give them the right to mistreat me? As an officer of the law, should a person you’ve pulled over have to tell you to treat them with respect?”

“Of course not.”

“Then why should I have to tell you how to treat me?” I say louder than I expected. “Andre, I get my part in this relationship, but you also have blame. Yet, even sitting here, your apology is voided by but. Ava, I’m sorry for calling you out of your name every chance I got, but you never did anything about it. Ava, I’m sorry for ruining your credit, twice, but you let me. Ava, I didn’t love you, but you never said I had too.”

“I’m sorry.” He whispers. “This isn’t going how I planned.”

“Because you expected the same Ava you threw out along with everything I owned. I’m not her. Yes, we both went into this relationship with our eyes closed and expectations low, yet even when I was changing, you were staying the same. My only regret, putting more into you than you were worth. Andre, I’m not the same and you need to recognize this.”


Birthday Wishes

On May 2nd, my twin sister Laquisha and I have plans, with God’s promise, to take Chapter#45 by storm and we’d love for you to celebrate with us.

How? Glad you asked. By sending us a card or whatsoever you’d like. Our goal is 45 cards and we’ll share each and every one!

You can mail them to us at 1519 Union Ave #130 Memphis, TN 38104!

Simple right? I know! Help us make this one #BIG 🎉🎈