Another Chance … Sneak Peek

Guess what?? Guess ... okay, okay I'll tell you. I have a new book gearing up to release. This is my 26th book. Wow, I got teary eyed just now. Twenty-six books. Isn't God amazing?

The new book is called Another Chance.


Chance McGhee is a few months shy of her 40th birthday and marrying the man she's spent the last three years with. Until he dumps her.

Left devastated and angry she prays telling God, she'll remove her hand and wait for Him to give her another chance at love or she's done for good. In the meantime, she's on a plane headed to meet her judgmental family in Jamaica. A trip she's not looking forward to until she's seated beside Mason Gray.

Mason is a recent widower vacationing alone, but he's also tall, dark, handsome and saying all the things Chance's heart is yearning for.

Will Mason be another chance at love or has Chance's heart been too damaged to try again?

Sneak Peek

My skin begins to heat from the anger and I want to break something. Instead, I release the tears.“

Chance, I’m sorry.”

“Yes, you’re very sorry. For three years, I’ve given you all of me and in a matter of moments, you decide you’re not happy. For three years, I’ve played the perfect First Lady while you interviewed at church after church. I changed the way I dressed to appease you. I don’t post as much on social media or hang out with my friends because I wanted to make sure you got everything you desired. Hospital visits, Bible studies, Sunday schools and the many sermons I’ve had to help you write and this is what I get in return. I even stopped singing for you. But you know what, I don’t blame you.”


“I wasn’t done,” I seethe walking closer to him. “No, I don’t blame you, this is all on me because I allowed you to change me. I allowed you to use me. I allowed myself to shrink back while you became this great man of God. I was everything I thought you needed when I knew in my heart it wasn’t,” I begin to get angry at myself. “God showed me signs, but I ignored them, listening to my flesh and thinking this was love. You even convinced me that He’d sent you to be the head of this house and like a dummy I fell in line because I thought you had the ear of God. Mane,” tears fall, “I allowed you to become my small g god and—God, forgive me. God, please forgive me and thank you for severing this relationship because I couldn’t see it was stunting my growth.”

“Chance, will you stop with the dramatics. You know it wasn’t like that. I just realized I need something better now that I’m senior pastor of a church.”

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Check the fruit

I shared this 60 second vlog on yesterday. See, many times we rely on people who don’t have what we need. Yet, we don’t know it because we don’t want to hurt their feelings by checking their fruit. Baby, Bible says a tree is known by the fruit it bears.

How can someone show you how to make thousands of dollars, if they aren’t? How can someone coach their life when theirs is in chaos? Come on people of God. We have to check their fruit by asking for receipts.

What does it mean, you will know them by their fruit? It means, you’re know the character, integrity and spirit of a person by what they produce.

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