Daily Devotional – 10/23/15 “I pray right now…”

Riding into work this morning, listening to 95.7 and the St. Jude stories; I cannot even begin to imagine. Listening to the parents who have suffered and those still suffering through watching their children fight cancer, makes me realize that it could be me! I don’t know how it feels to lose a child, I don’t know what it feels like to have a child hospitalized, I don’t know what it’s like to hear the doctor say your child may not survive, I don’t know what it feels like to watch my child suffer and there’s nothing I can do … I don’t know! But I do know that God is able. So while you are crying because your bae walked out on you again, while you are mad because you had a flat tire, while you are angry at some stuff that happened 15 years ago, while you are finding it hard to forgive, while you are wasting precious time; it could be worse. As a matter of fact, if you were to look back over your life, you’ll quickly find that with all the hell you used to raise; it should be worse. Yet, God has spared us one more time! Just to know that God doesn’t treat us how we treat Him is enough to stir something in your spirit. To understand that no matter what we face, we have what we need to come out victorious should be enough for you to lift your unworthy hands and tell the Lord thank you!

Oh, I know God is able and even after listening to the stories from the parents of patients at St. Jude; I still have renewed hope that nothing we go through is for our bad. I pray today for every child at St. Jude, for every parent that has to rock a child after dealing with a rough dose of chemo, radiation or even surgery. I pray now for the parents, who themselves, may be dealing with cancer, sickness or disease. I pray, at this very moment, for the parents who’ve had to bury a child for whatever reason. I pray, at the throne of God for comfort, peace, understanding and an extra dose of strength for all those dealing with whatever it is. I’m even praying for you who are reading this for whatever it is you’re dealing with. And my prayer is simple, “Lord, I need you to have your way! Amen.” If that isn’t enough then pray this one, “Lord, do it! Amen.” If that isn’t enough then pray this one, “Lord, I surrender! Amen.”

It doesn’t take much to get God’s attention. All you need to do is call Him and He’ll answer. Stop saying won’t he do it because he probably won’t but I know without a doubt that God will. Won’t God do it? Yes, each and every time!

Published by Pastor LaKisha

Lakisha Johnson, native Memphian and author of over fifteen titles was born to write. She’ll tell you that “It isn't just writing, it's ministry." Along with being an author, she is an ordained minister, co-pastor, wife, mother and the product of a large family. She is an avid blogger at kishasdailydevotional.com and social media poster where she utilizes her gifts to encourage others to tap into their God given talents. She won’t claim to be the best at what she does nor does she have all the answers, she is simply grateful to be used by God.

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