Daily Devotional – 8/27/18 “Worship when it doesn’t make sense!”

August 27, 2018 and somebody, somewhere is thinking over the toils of your life. You tried writing your troubles but your hand got tired and paper ran out. You’ve tried to budget your money but it still runs out before the month. You’ve been faithful to worship but worrying is still keeping you up. YouContinue reading “Daily Devotional – 8/27/18 “Worship when it doesn’t make sense!””

Daily Devotional – 7/9/18 “God’s Garage!”

A friend posed a question to Facebook yesterday asking, “Why are you really going to church?” I replied as honest as I knew how because I can remember, just a few years ago, when I was going to church but church wasn’t in me. I was going through the motions of looking religious because itContinue reading “Daily Devotional – 7/9/18 “God’s Garage!””