Daily Devotional – 8/12/15 “Stop trying to please folk!”

Being in fleshy bodies, we often seek the approval of others in our day-to-day lives. It happens so much now that it’s common and we sometimes do it without even thinking. We get dressed based on how we think folk will see us or what they will say. We post things to social media becauseContinue reading “Daily Devotional – 8/12/15 “Stop trying to please folk!””

Daily Devotional – 7/15/15 “Stop thinking it!”

Bishop Woodson of Mt. Gilead Ministries said in the closing on class last night, “change doesn’t come when you stop doing it but change comes when you stop thinking it!” Now, this marinated with me all night because many times we think we can change simply by letting go but if we don’t change ourContinue reading “Daily Devotional – 7/15/15 “Stop thinking it!””

Daily Devotional – 6/11/15 “Change your thinking!”

Have you ever dropped something on the floor and it broke? What did you do? Did you stand there and watch it, hoping it would miraculously fix itself? I would think not. So why are you still standing over that broken relationship? Have you ever spilled something on the floor and then just walked byContinue reading “Daily Devotional – 6/11/15 “Change your thinking!””

Daily Devotional – 4/13/15 “Monday isn’t the problem!”

It’s Monday and someone is blaming their blues, their mood and their jacked up attitude on this fact but the truth of the matter is; in 6 days, it’ll be Monday again. Stop blaming the reason for all the things going wrong today on the day, stuff happens. Stop giving the enemy credit for thingsContinue reading “Daily Devotional – 4/13/15 “Monday isn’t the problem!””

Daily Devotional – 3/23/15 “Let’s be real … “

If people lived their day-to-day lives like they actually portrayed on social networking we might be alright! I mean, folks are so spiritual online yet you can’t find them in church on any day of the week. Folks are so encouraging on a stranger’s post yet you won’t speak to the person you live with.Continue reading “Daily Devotional – 3/23/15 “Let’s be real … “”