Stop, present tense

These lyrics dropped in my spirit … As soon as I stop worryingWorrying how the story endsI let go and I let GodLet God have His wayThat’s when things start happeningWhen I stopped looking at back thenI let go and I let GodLet God have his way I don’t know who this is for, butContinue reading “Stop, present tense”

Daily Devotional – 1/14/13 “Cut the umbilical cord!”

An umbilical cord is defined as a cable, tube, or pipe attaching somebody or something to an essential supply. You know like a mother supplying the necessary nutrients to her unborn child who is in the womb or an oxygen tank to a diver. However, in this text an umbilical cord will be defined asContinue reading “Daily Devotional – 1/14/13 “Cut the umbilical cord!””