Daily Devotional – 9/6/19 “Keep Going!”

I need to encourage somebody, who is going through a dark time. Maybe its grief, sickness, abandonment, loneliness, financial problems, ministry woes, business failing … whatever. KEEP GOING! There’s a devotional, I wrote last year, regarding roller coasters. When you’re on a roller coaster, there comes a time when you might have to go throughContinue reading “Daily Devotional – 9/6/19 “Keep Going!””

Daily Devotional – 8/26/19 “Recovery then restoration!”

Stop praying for a Job type restoration, if you aren’t willing to go through a Job type test. See, we want the restoration but to get to restoration, there has to be something that happened prior to that caused either damage or brokenness. That’s where we fail. We can’t pray for restoration, unless there’s somethingContinue reading “Daily Devotional – 8/26/19 “Recovery then restoration!””

Keep Waiting

I’m sharing this on both blogs today because I need to encourage somebody, to keep waiting. When I got ready to re-release #ASecretWorthKeeping, I was hesitant. For one, it has six characters and two, I was changing the book from it’s original form. Y’all … the response to #WhentheVowsBreak has surpassed my wildest imagination. IContinue reading “Keep Waiting”

Daily Devotional – 8/12/19 “Open your mouth, mane!”

There may come a time when the thing God gave you instruction to do, doesn’t produce like it should. There may come a time when the place He sent you, looks deserted, dry and desolate. There may come a time, when the assignment feels more like punishment instead of purpose. A time, when you keepContinue reading “Daily Devotional – 8/12/19 “Open your mouth, mane!””

Daily Devotional – 7/9/19 “And these signs shall follow them that believe!”

I don’t know why this is heavy on me, but I need to tell somebody, again, you got the power. Mane, some of y’all got power to cast out demons, shake the foundation of hell, walk among vipers and not be harm and be lied on and not moved. Mane, some of you have theContinue reading “Daily Devotional – 7/9/19 “And these signs shall follow them that believe!””